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Get Ready For The New Academic Year

Whether you are collecting GCSE results and going on to do a vocational course, A Levels or an apprenticeship or whether you are collecting BTEC or A Level results and going on to do an apprenticeship,…

Apprenticeship Levy The Latest News

An update on the Apprenticeship Levy had been expected on July 14th 2016. Following the departure of Nick Boles with the Cabinet reshuffle, what is happening?

Apprenticeships Options After A Levels

Guess what…you don’t have to go to university when you have finished you’re a Level study. Why not take a look at apprenticeship options after A Levels. Why not go to uni? Lots…

Results Day Guide 2016

Find all the information you need to survive results day and beyond. Our Results Day Guide has features on all study options as well as articles on key employment areas, living away from home and taking…

How To Ace Your Interview

Once you have secured yourself an interview for that job that you really want using your fabulous CV you don’t want to turn the opportunity into an interview fail by not preparing. Get some tips on how…

I have no idea what career I want

If you have absolutely no idea what career you want, you are not alone. Let’s take a look at some of the questions frequently asked.

Jobs in the News

A simple sweep of the newspapers on an average day is an interesting place to start when you want to think about careers that you might want in the future. What options are there? What do you need to study…

Apprenticeship Guide 2016

With National Apprenticeship Week taking place from Monday 14th March until Friday 18th March 2016, has launched its annual ‘Apprenticeship and Vocational Training Guide’…

Planning for the future

It’s too late when the time has passed; you can’t go back and do things differently. So, whilst you’re young, give some thought to what you want your future to look like.

The Caterer - Careers Guide 2016

Check into Hospitality - by The Caterer - A careers guide for 2016 The pages contain details of all the main sectors in the hospitality industry - from hotels and restaurants to foodservice and pubs…

Careers in health and social care

A career for you in the changing landscape of healthcare. A special health care careers supplement available to download or view in your browser as a pdf.

What does the future hold?

No one can entirely predict the future, but when you are considering which career to go into, it is worth thinking about growth areas of employment.

Technology driven learning

Gone are the days of blackboards, chalk, books and pens in the classroom. The digital world has definitely taken hold in education, both from the teacher perspective and for the learner and technology…

Most Popular Apprenticeships 2015

Young people are looking for training courses and apprenticeships throughout the whole year and whilst it’s true that some searches that are subjected to seasonality, the majority have more constant demand.…

Degree or Apprenticeship?

Which should you choose - degree or apprenticeship, and do you really need to choose between them?  First of all – let’s be clear; with the government announcement of nine, new degree…

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