Example school leaver CV

Anonymous - Posted: 6th of August 2010

Here's an example of what a CV should be like at its most basic:

* Name Surname
* Address,
* Mobile number,
* Email
* Statement Brief: (Explain here why you're passionate to work in such an industry. And what you believe you can offer the company)

Life Experiences:
Experience One (What you took from the experience and explain how it can have an affect on your potential role at the company)

Experience Two

Name of secondary school, location (Years attended)

Qualifications - (Grades)

Name of College, Location (Years attended)

Qualifications - (Grades)

Work Experience
Place of work, location (dates worked)
(Include a job role and what duties you carried out and the skills you picked up along the way)

Achievement 1- (What the achievement involved and what characteristics you believe this shows you have)

Other information
(Personality and characteristic traits you have attained from social activities such as building websites or belonging to a group or society)

Skill 1- e.g. Microsoft Word literate

Skill2- e.g. Car mechanic training

(Name of head teacher and contact details)

(Name of tutor and contact details)


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