Health & Social Care Apprenticeships

Posted: 14th of August 2010 by Anonymous

Looking for health & social care apprenticeship vacancies?

Have you got a big heart and feel you'd like to give something back – help out others that truly do need it? Well then, starting an apprenticeship in health and social care can give you a real sense of satisfaction that the job you're doing is truly appreciated- in this most rewarding of career paths.

What does a health & social care apprenticeship involve?

This apprenticeship covers a wide range of job roles in the health care and social care fields. The NHS, private sector, local authorities and the armed forces all employ apprentices. You also have the choice of which side of care you'd like to concentrate working in, health or social?

If health care intrigues you, then you could be working in hospitals, the community, doctors' surgeries, hospices, private clinics or opticians. You could be supporting doctors or nurses in clinical roles or helping patients in hospital wards or their homes – serving food, making and changing beds and so on. There are 21 separate qualifications available within the health care apprenticeship ranging from maternity to radiotherapy support.

Social care is about helping people live their lives. People who have physical or psychological problems often require practical help coping with the everyday business of living. This type of care usually takes place in the home or in care homes, and can include anything from helping people get dressed to transporting them to and from a residential home.

This industry needs you, so get involved and make a difference!

Who's it for?

Ultimately, you need to enjoy helping and looking after people by being polite and tactful- probably not a great idea you being your own adaptation of Dr. Gregory House whilst trying to work in this field!

You need to be able to interact with people from all walks of life as well as being reliable, responsible and trustworthy. Working with the elderly and disabled can occasionally test your patience but you will need to remain calm, passive and always remember you are making a difference even if the job becomes a thankless task.

What to expect after a health & social care apprenticeship?

Completion of the level 3 advanced apprenticeship in health and social care, will stand you in good stead for progression onto higher education in subjects like nursing or midwifery; and operating department practitioner roles in the care sector or management roles in care homes.

While a successful completion of the level 2 apprenticeship could land you a role as an assistant in either health or social care. Here, the starting salary can be anywhere between £11k- £17k.

At level 2, apprentices work towards a work-based learning qualification such as an NVQ (SVQ in Scotland)Level 2, Key Skills and in some cases a relevant technical certificate. These provide the skills you need for your chosen career and allow entry to advanced apprenticeships.

For many people, working in health and social care – knowing that they're helping other people and that the country relies on their work – can be extremely rewarding, with most working in the industry purely for the love of their job!

Have a look at the health & social care apprenticeship opportunities out there.

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