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Posted: 16th of July 2013 by Anonymous

There are around two thousand libraries and archive/ information services across the UK, employing between them nearly sixty thousand staff.

Over the past twenty years, the role of the librarian has changed in that as well as looking after books and collections, they now manage electronic reference resources. They still, however, support reading development for everybody, provide space for learning in their libraries, help people find and acquire the information they need both from the library shelves and from online sources.

The librarian apprenticeship framework has been designed to offer better entry routes into the Libraries, Archives, Records and Information Management sector and to provide appropriate training for career progression.

Entry requirements for the Librarian Apprenticeship

There are no specific entry requirements for the Intermediate Level Librarian Apprenticeship, but employers will be looking for GCSEs or the equivalent in English and mathematics, a Diploma in Public Services and some kind of relevant work experience, either paid or unpaid. You’ll also need good communication and ICT skills.

At the Intermediate Level, your job title and role would be one of the following:

- Information Assistant, where you’d be helping the public find information they require, from all kinds of sources
- Library Assistant, where you’d be gathering information, resources, facilities and materials for an information service
- Archive Assistant, where you’d be maintaining information and keeping it secure
- Records Assistant, where you’d be providing the public with access to information systems
- Search Room Assistant, where you’d be helping the organisation to comply with all relevant policies and legislation
- Learning Support Assistant, where you’d be helping the public find learning resources and information

If you decided to continue your training after your Intermediate Apprenticeship, your role could be:

- Archive co-ordinator
- Records co-ordinator
- Senior Library Assistant
- Information Services Co-ordinator
- Library Services Supervisor

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