How do you get a company to pay for your degree?

The best companies are always seeking to recruit good graduates – people who have demonstrated they can work at a certain level, manage projects and meet key deadlines. But another way many companies gain these valuable people is by developing graduates of their own and supporting them through a distance learning degree.

Andy from RDI

Andy Cain from Lancashire is one great example of how company sponsorship can be valuable for both parties: “My employers are very supportive, and they’ve even sponsored me for some of my modules. I’ve had a promotion since completing my HND too.”

How the student benefits

A student who is supported by their company gains a recognised university qualification whilst developing their work experience, often putting them three years ahead on the career ladder compared to campus based students – plus the added benefit of a regular wage.

They can interact with an international mix of peers and benefit from interactive materials and university approved tutors without travel. There’s even the opportunity for students to attend the university campus to collect their certificate at the graduation ceremony if they choose.

How the company benefits

A company that supports its employees benefits from an engaged and motivated workforce that can bring new ideas and thinking straight into their everyday work. Sponsoring employees is one of the most efficient ways of fostering a culture of continuous improvement and professional development within a company.

In these tough times it’s also an easy way for companies to keep hold of their best assets – their people. Courses can be one, two or three years in duration – meaning that an employer will benefit from their investment for a sustained period. UK and overseas students are often funded by their employers – either in full or for part of their studies. With online study there’s no travel or campus study necessary – so the company doesn’t have to lose any working hours but gains in employee morale, retention of staff and an increased knowledge base in their workforce.

About RDI and company sponsorship

RDI are partnered with 9 UK universities to offer a range of over 50 programmes by online distance learning. Students have full tutor support and can interact with a wide range of peers through RDI’s online campus – ilearn. A high proportion of students with RDI are partially or fully funded by their employer – because they already appreciate and understand the above mentioned benefits.

Typically, fees for a three year degree with RDI average less than £165 per month, and with pay-as-you-go options it really is the affordable way to study. Students can work full-time and therefore graduate with no student debt – whereas campus students could face debts of £27,000 or more in the coming years.

Its win-win for all parties, so if you are considering studying our friendly programme advisors are happy to help – they can even speak to your company about sponsorship. You can contact them on 0800 268 7737 or To browse the degrees and other courses available by distance learning, please visit

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