Nick Clegg Visits Apprentices at Rick Stein's Seafood Restaurant

The Seafood Restaurant in Padstow received a visit from the Deputy Prime Minister, who toured Rick and Jill Stein’s new development kitchen, where aspiring chefs receive their training.

Apprentices on the Professional Cookery Apprenticeship scheme had the opportunity to demonstrate their cooking skills during a tasting session enjoyed by Mr Clegg.

Even though apprentice Charlotte Drew admitted to having been very nervous, she said "It was great to meet the Deputy Prime Minister and show him all the new cookery skills I have learnt as an Apprentice. This job is a fantastic opportunity for me and I have some many exciting career opportunities ahead of me now”.

The Seafood Restaurant is supporting the £1 billion Youth Contract initiative, which aims to get all young people earning or learning, and is set to use the wage incentive part of the policy to take on unemployed young people without experience, while encouraging other companies to do likewise.

After discussing his support for youth employment with the Deputy Prime Minister, Rick Stein said: “I hate to see so many young people unemployed. We welcome the Youth Contract and I hope many other businesses will sign up to help young people get jobs and training. It’s enormously important for all of us.”

In response, Nick Clegg said: “It’s truly inspiring to have met these young people and witness the incredible skills they have learned. I clearly have a long way to go to match their culinary abilities. The Seafood Restaurant is taking on local young people to give them training and lasting careers— and that’s what the Youth Contract is all about. 

”I hope other restaurateurs in Cornwall and across the country come forward to offer young people similar opportunities. Through the Youth Contract, employers can get financial support through our wage incentive scheme which would cover a young person’s National Insurance contributions for a year.” 


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