‘Not Going to Uni’ - more than one route to success

This is a very challenging time for young people leaving school; even with good qualifications the choices are not easy. With university fees rising, many young people will be thinking particularly carefully about their future choices.

‘Not Going to Uni’ is a training event being held on 9th December in London. Aimed at teachers and advisers, the event will equip them with the tools to increase opportunities and prospects for young people. During the course they will hear from an HE specialist about current trends, and from organisations recruiting young people, which offer good salaries and excellent training leading to professional qualifications. There will be presentations from employers and other relevant organisations about their industries, jobs available, training on offer and the application process.

The event will be opened by notgoingtouni, who will give a broad overview of the job market and what qualifications organisations require. Companies such as Business Systems UK Ltd, House of Fraser, Sainsbury’s, BT, Barchester Healthcare and many others are attending.

For more information, contact a member of the Prospects in the City team.

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