Peter Grant Scholarship

Music Scholarship Named After Legendary Seventies Promoter

The Bristol Institute of Modern Music has just launched the Peter Grant Memorial Scholarship, covering £16,000 of course fees for their BA (Hons) degree in Music Management.

The degree itself will include modules on working with musicians, live event management and dealing with record companies.

Peter Grant may not be the most recognizable name ever to grace scholarship - in fact, many people may be scratching their heads and wondering precisely who he is.

For them the words "Led" and Zeppelin" will give them the clue they're looking for.

Ex-bouncer and former professional wrestler, Peter Grant made Led Zeppelin into the biggest rock attraction in the 1970's - admittedly using some interesting methods that probably won’t be included in those degree modules: physical intimidation, verbal aggression and the use of his legendary baseball bat, to name but three.

That bat was used to destroy musical equipment used for making bootleg recordings at live shows, and to cause a few bruises when he thought they were called for.

And in most cases, he was right: whether it was a security guard using what Grant considered excessive force, or a promoter trying to rip off an artist, they didn't forget that baseball bat in a hurry.

But looking after Led Zeppelin - and their finances - called for more than just wielding sports equipment: when they played the Knebworth Festival in 1979, the promoter claimed that there were 104,000 in the audience. Grant didn't believe him and had aerial pictures taken from a helicopter analysed in a laboratory in New York, where it was found that 218,000 were at the show. The promoter was forced into liquidation.

Peter Grant's daughter, Helen Grant, said: "My father would have been both touched and honoured that this scholarship has been created in his name.

"He was a great inspiration to many people in the business; not only on the management front, but also in the way he looked after his artists – in his own, infamous way. A charismatic personality coupled with great humour means he is never far away. This is a long overdue accolade."


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