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Posted: 4th of January 2017 by Martha Witcomb

20160720_104351_resized Help us enjoy our very active lifestyles; we live next to Cleeve Hill and enjoy rambling in the  local   countryside…we also love to go swimming, trampolining, horse riding…we like to keep  active!



R Be male or female- we don’t mind, but would prefer to have a few more men around!  We have our own car so you    will need to be able to drive.




IMG_0018 Be willing to learn some Makaton signing as we like to use different ways to communicate.  We  love to spend time in our garden, and we need our staff to be with us, hanging out, listening to  music…




20140923_153604 Support us to enjoy days out and holidays.




27th oct 021 Be interested in autism and learning how to support us- many of us are on the autistic spectrum and  we want staff who can use lots of different ways of communicating with us and who understand  autism.




IMG_0028 Be confident and keen – we need our staff team to understand our daily routines and how  important it is to be organised and follow our plans.





 Most of all, you will need to be patient, kind, enthusiastic and active…





Does this sound like you? We’d love to meet you!

Please arrange a visit through Hocine at Turning Point…

0161 238 5164

07796 9277856


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