Graham Webb

Graham Webb MBE’s story is truly inspirational, from dropping out of school to creating a multi-million dollar hair-care company. Read Graham’s story here and take notes that it can be done! Graham grew up in South London and was secretly battling with Spina Bifida although not knowing what it was until later life. At age 15, Graham’s teachers concluded that he was “bone idle” and were only too happy to see him leave. After school, Graham applied for 62 jobs and received the same number of rejections. He eventually found a job as an apprentice barber, and so his career unfolded. By his early twenties, Graham had opened his first hair salon despite his condition deteriorating. By the time he was in is thirties he owned a string of successful hair salons. Graham launched his first hair care product line, Graham Webb, in 1989 with it growing continuously throughout the nineties to the extent that it was the number 4 hair care product range in the USA. Wella bought the line in 1997, and in 2003 Proctor and Gamble acquired Wella and Graham’s brands. He remains the Goodwill Ambassador at Proctor and Gamble for his brands; Graham Webb, Halo and Back to Basics. Graham appeared in front of HM The Queen in the 2005 New Year Honours List for his services to business and the work he does for charity. Graham now travels around the world giving speeches and inspiring people by saying ‘it can be done’!

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