Visa Europe Business Administration Intermediate Apprenticeship

PDS Apprenticeship Consultants

Naiomi Bodkin

Age: 19
Town of Residence: Essex
Visa apprenticeship: Business Administration Intermediate Apprenticeship
Current department: Risk, Compliance, and Corporate Services
Prior qualifications: BTEC, 3 A-levels, 6 GCSEs (A*-C).

Naiomi was thrilled when she was offered a place on an apprenticeship at Visa Europe and says she feels honoured to be working for the company. Like two of her friends who have also undertaken apprenticeships, she was attracted by the prospect of learning valuable transferable skills while earning money at the same time.

Naiomi has appreciated being treated like any other employee at Visa Europe despite being a junior member of the team. The scheme has also encouraged her to learn more about the history of Visa and how her role fits in to the company’s broader aims and goals. She has also picked up some crucial work skills along the way, such as organising meetings, time-keeping and communicating with colleagues.

The other members of Naoimi’s team have always been welcoming, warm, friendly, and ready to help in any situation. She describes her team-building week away in Wales as one of the most valuable experiences she has ever had because it encouraged her to step outside of her comfort zone and to have the confidence to take on any challenge that might come her way.

Naimoi has enjoyed her experience so much that she hopes to move on to the Visa Europe Technology and Processing Services Higher Apprenticeship in the future.


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