Advanced A level Apprenticeship with cutting edge digital agency.

Creative Catering

We are no longer receiving applications for this opportunity, but there are plenty more open so please continue searching.

  • Intermediate Apprenticeship
  • IT
  • Journalism
  • Music, Media & Games
  • Advertising & PR

Ortegra Ltd is a digital agency based in London (Clerkenwell) specialising in online analytics, online campaign management, social media marketing, social media monitoring, PPC ad-management and site optimisation.

We are looking for someone who is very enthusiastic and eager to take on new challenges. The applicant needs to have excellent writing and communication skills.

The ideal candidate will be web/internet proficient and will be familiar and comfortable with social networking and the web as a means of communicating and engaging with people.

He/she will be imaginative, creative and looking to make a difference to whatever they are involved in.

He/she must be comfortable with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, and must be flexible and able to work on his/her own time.

He/she must have excellent, collegiate grammar and writing skills. Marketing, PR and some SEO experience or knowledge is essential.

Some of the various online marketing tasks include:

- Making cold calls / sales calls

- Running Social Media Campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.)

- Helping put together digital strategies for companies

- Search Engine Optimisation

Social Network Marketing has now become a career where many companies are in need of experienced employees and this is a wonderful opportunity to put a unique item on your resume.

Salary: £100 per week



When making your application, please also add answers to the following:-

Question - 1   

With reference to the 'Skills Required' section above, describe those you have, how you've used them and how you would use them in this job (Write a minimum of 200 words but no more than 500)

Question - 2   

What are the advantages of online marketing and what are its limitations? (Write a minimum of 200 words but no more than 500)

Application closed

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