Electro Technical Officer Trainee Foundation Degree


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Foundation Degree – Electro-Technical Officer


Company information

Global Marine is a marine technology and engineering company. We specialise in the maintenance of submarine telecom cables. We also have the capability to leverage our resources for telecom and power cable installation.

We work in four distinct markets: telecoms; renewable energy; the oil and gas industry; and defence. And our track record is second to none



As a leading international marine engineering business, Global Marine works for every major telco in the world.

We offer expert project management and our operations teams have unrivalled experience in the installation of subsea fibre optic cables. In addition, we have alliances and joint ventures with some of the largest cable and optical network manufacturers worldwide that further give us the ability to deliver fully installed submarine cable systems in any ocean, anywhere in the world.

We have a breadth of experience that is hard to compare. Our people are the best; whether those managing our operations on board our state-of-the-art cable ships, or our teams based strategically around the world to meet the needs of our global customer base

We’re ambitious to grow, with a young management team and a wealth of heritage behind us. We’re employing bold and far-sighted strategies to bring a commercial offering to market that we know our customers seek and that will deliver each fibre optic cable system we install effectively and efficiently


The Energy Market

Global Marine Systems Limited is a pioneer subsea marine engineering services provider for the international energy market. We operate across all major sectors, including the Oil and Gas, Offshore and Renewable Energy markets.

Whether laying power cables to offshore wind turbines at Horns Rev wind farm or installing power cables at Sakhalin oilfield, telecoms cables between offshore platforms, or the power grid connection between Finland and Estonia, Global Marine has the most extensive experience in cable lay and burial projects worldwide


Subsea Services Group

a division of Global Marine Systems Limited, provides services primarily to the Oil & Gas Industry.  Our areas of expertise are:  Umbilical Installation, Decommissioning, Trenching, and Vessel & Equipment Charter.  We also deliver Inshore Project Services, such as Hull and Harbour Inspections, as well as certain marine related Homeland Security Services.


The Training

Global Marine has recently completed a review of its planning for the future and identified a shortfall of trained technicians to work on future projects. After being involved in marine cadet programs for 25 years and some of the early cadets now holding senior positions within the company, GMSL are looking to recruit 12 Electro-Technical Officer cadets to train with added specialist training, allowing trainees to become system specialists, with an opportunity to progress to higher positions within their organisation.


The training programme will be managed through our marine training company SSTG who have over 30 years experience. It will be conducted in five phases split between South Tyneside college and time at sea working with us.


Entry Requirements

To enable you to be eligible for this position you will have or predicted a minimum 120 ucas points of which 60 points must be in a maths or science based subject.

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