Introduction to Cloud Computing

K College

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  • Level 2
  • IT
  • Nationwide

What does the course involve?: The course will introduce Cloud computing as a service, discuss various terminology like SaaS, PaaS , teach practical ways of availing these services for personal use as well as for small business use. Aims To provide an overview of the concept of Cloud computing and corresponding hands on experience of using the services for personal use i.e. Using office software for own work without purchasing them and storing and using hard disk storage without paying for the computer. Type of student (Just a few examples) - For people who don’t have a computer / laptop and wants to store their electronic information i.e. photographs/ videos/ important document etc securely - People who want to know how to access their personal information everywhere they go. - People who don’t have office software like WORD/ EXCEL to do the general work and need to access them free. - Small businesses who don’t want to spend in expensive network software but want to be able to access to various software and storage space for their business work Duration: 1 Morning 10am to 1.30pm
Length: Part Time
Start date: Thursday, August 04, 2011

Application closed

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