Marine Engineering Foundation Degree Programme Jan Start


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  • Sponsored Degrees
  • Level 5
  • Engineering
  • Marine
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Nationwide

Minimum Entry Requirements:

120 UCAS points preferably in numeric subjects. In addition, all universities and individual companies are likely to impose their own requirements in an effort to ensure selected candidates have sufficient prior knowledge and ability to cope with the technical aspects of the academic study involved. This will often involve a minimum level attainment in Maths and/or Physics. 

We currently have 30 member companies that look to recruit trainee deck, engineer and ETO officers; the financial package varies depending on which company the cadet chooses.   


3 College phases of academic and workshop skills training

2 Sea Phases with a choosen sponsoring company.

Total Time: 3 years to first certificate (based on 9 months sea service). 

Start Dates: January and September yearly.


A STCW '95 OOW (Officer of the Watch Certificate of Competency) and Foundation Degree in Marine Engineering. 

There Are Careers and there are Merchant Navy Careers

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