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Apprenticeships are getting more and more popular nowadays as an alternative to going to university as they are a great way of combining work with study. On an apprenticeship you can expect to work in a company like a regular employee, but to also go to college to study a subject which will allow your skills at work to grow. During your apprenticeship you would be fully supported by a team member in the business you are placed at who will help you translate what you’ve learned into the hands-on skills you need to become fully qualified in your chosen discipline.

You can expect your apprenticeship to last up to three years (the average length of a uni course) and you would finish with an NVQ, BTEC or City & Guilds qualification as well as invaluable real work experience. A normal apprenticeship would result in a Level Two NVQ which roughly translates as five GCSEs, and an ‘advanced apprenticeship’ would result in a Level Three (about the same as two A-levels). The ‘higher apprenticeship’ incorporates a more advanced work-based learning programme and leads to qualifications at Level Four and Five, which can be equivalent to a higher education certificate, diploma, or foundation degree; Level six, which is the equivalent to a bachelor degree; and Level seven is equivalent to a master’s degree.

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