SCL’s Foundation Degree in Sports Coaching and Physical Education: 6 Things we give you that other foundation degrees don’t

Posted: 3rd of August 2017 by Emily

It goes without saying that if you want a career in sports, that it’s no longer just enough to have a passion for it.

The question is, how do you get the industry-recognised qualifications and proven track record of work experience that you need to gain a competitive edge, and ultimately become an outstanding coach or educator?

Our foundation degree in Sports Coaching and Physical Education - designed specifically to create the next generation of professional sports coaches - is the answer to just that.

So why is this new, employer-led course unique? Well, we have the answer to that as well, because we know that no other foundation degree can offer you:


  1. An industry relevant education programme
  • We don’t just give you a foundation degree in Sports Coaching and Physical Education – we also give you the opportunity to achieve industry relevant qualifications
  • What’s more, with our programme, you won’t only benefit from our expertise as the UK’s leading sports education provider and employer. This is because it’s also delivered in partnership with De Montfort University (DMU), which has been named as one of the 150 best young universities in the world by Influential Times Higher Education magazines, giving you the best of both worlds


  1. Employer-led syllabus
  • The course is designed in consultation with employers, to not only meet their expectations and business needs right now, but to also create the future generation of sports coaches and educators
  • As we are closing the gap between what employers in the sector are looking for and the qualifications and experience graduate sports coaches and PE teachers currently have, we’re giving you a fantastic opportunity to really get ahead in today’s employment market


  1. Guaranteed work placements
  • Our foundation degree will also give you the chance to deliver sports coaching or physical education within our extensive network of employers and associations
  • This includes over 150 primary and secondary schools, Premier League football and Premiership rugby clubs - plus 75 partner sports academies and many more!



  1. Priority job interviews
  • When you successfully complete your FdA course, you’ll have the opportunity to become part of the SCL team of next generation professional sports coaches, which includes great full and part-time roles


  1. Excellent progression opportunities
  • With our foundation degree, you will have better career prospects and choice as you will graduate with the skills and experience to find employment in a variety of sports coaching and teaching roles
  • You’ll also gain access to our huge network of employment links which will help you get where you want to go much quicker
  1. Great value for money
  • Benefit from tuition fees of £5,000 per year! (September 2017 enrolment only)
  • Vocational awards and certificates, included as part of the syllabus, are sponsored by SCL - which means they are FREE for you
  • As the course is delivered in Tomlinscote Vocational Centre in Surrey, with great transport links by bus, train or car, you can also study without the costs of student accommodation



We’re now accepting students through clearing!

To find out more about this unique foundation degree and how you can be part of it, visit or call 01252 410350 today.


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