Through The Eyes Of An Apprentice

Posted: 20th of November 2013 by Kelly

Dean Sowerby - Apprentice, QinetiQ Apprentice Training School at MOD Boscombe Down.


During July, after leaving my placement at Air Worthiness, I have been at the Ground Support Department (GSE) at Boscombe Down.

It’s been great here; I have been helping service the various pieces of equipment from around the base, ranging from the Houchins (diesel generators) to the RHAGs (rotary hydraulic arrester gears) on the runway. It has been a fantastic experience getting outside on the airfield, particularly in some of the lovely weather we have been having recently.

Yet again I have learnt a massive amount about a different side to the business that I otherwise wouldn’t have known about.  Not only has it given us a great opportunity to learn, but we have also met new people; I’m constantly aware of how friendly the people here are, how they go out of their way to help us clearly understand things, and how they make us feel welcome in their very small, tight-knit teams.

After the two week summer leave – we are all off from 9 August – I don’t know where onsite I’ll be going next or what my next placement might hold, so I’m looking forward to that, but hopefully I’ll have a good two weeks off in the meantime. I’m off to spend one of the weeks in Austria, visiting a friend.



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