Banking and Finance Apprenticeships

Posted: 29th of November 2012 by Anonymous

Everyone seems to be chasing the money these days, and one way of making sure you get your share would be to work in banking and finance, where you have many career options to choose from. All of those career options have one thing in common: you need training, qualifications and experience for them, and the best way to get all three is an apprenticeship.

Because there are so many roles within banking and finance, there's no such thing as a one size fits all apprenticeship... but there’s an apprenticeship for almost every role within the industry, and here are just a few.

Basic accounting apprenticeships would teach you how to process invoices and payments, complete VAT returns and generally balance the books - to start with.
But moving on to a higher level of accounting apprenticeship would enable you to continue training with chartered bodies like ACCA and ICAEW.  And as a chartered accountant, you could pick and choose where to work - and get paid handsomely for it, too.

If you see yourself working in the back office, rather than dealing with customers, you should look into a Business and Administration Apprenticeship which would give you the skills you need to keep that back office running smoothly.

If you see yourself running that office, the Team Leading and Management Apprenticeship would help you sharpen up your management skills to lead a finance team, manage their workflow and delegate duties appropriately.

Perhaps you’re more interested in the human side of business, making sure employees are paid on time, every time, in which case you should be looking into Level 2 and Level 3 Payroll Apprenticeships which would teach you about all aspects of payments such as expenses, sick pay and tax deduction at source.

On the other hand, you might be more interested in a customer facing career within banking and finance, in which case the Advising on Financial Products Apprenticeship qualifies you to offer businesses and private individuals advice to help to choose the most suitable financial products and services for their needs.

If you'd rather go beyond advising to actually providing your customers with insurance, loans, credit and other financial products you should look into the Providing Financial Services Apprenticeship.

Whichever banking and finance apprenticeship you choose to undertake, you'll be working towards a recognised industry qualification while enjoying the same employment rights and benefits as those you're working with... and getting a regular apprenticeship wage throughout.

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