Beauty Apprenticeships

Posted: 14th of August 2010 by Miro Demo

They say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Well you can be that beholder looking down on that radiating beauty- admiring your work after making your client feel that little bit better inside and out. And you can be responsible for all this, just by starting an apprenticeship in beauty therapy!

What are beauty therapy apprenticeships all about?

This Apprenticeship is about improving people's wellbeing by making them look and feel better. Beauty Therapy covers a range of treatments, from simple facials and make-up jobs to waxing.

As a beauty therapy apprentice you'll be assisting a senior therapist during her daily work, most likely in a salon. However beauty therapists can be known to work in hospitals, resorts, department stores and even cruise liners!

You could be engaged in one of a number of tasks, whether it be performing hand and foot treatments or applying make-up. You'll also learn so many essential skills needed to become a successful beauty therapist.

It's all incredibly glamorous!

Who are beauty therapy apprenticeships for?

Beauty Therapists work closely with clients and it can be a very 'personal' experience … especially if customers want help in certain areas! You will need the ability to put them at ease, and generally be pleasant and personable. It wont look great if you pull a face when your about to tackle the challenge of someone's bikini line.

You need to take care of your own appearance as nobody wants to get served by someone who looks like they could do with a bit of time in the salon chair themselves. Whilst you need to be up to date with all the latest fashions and styles and have a creative flair so you can suggest what treatment may be best for a client.

What happens after my apprenticeship?

The skills and techniques you'll learn while on your apprenticeship range from; how to improve facial skin conditions, waxing body hair, spray tanning, shape and colour brows, performing hand and foot treatments and applying make-up.

On the advanced apprenticeship, you'll work as a beauty therapist, learning techniques like body massage as well as more complicated electronic treatments to remove unwanted hair or improve skin condition. After a successful completion of the apprenticeship, you may decide to go on to study specialist areas like massage, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy or reflexology. This can further increase you chances of finding work in the health and beauty sector.

The framework of this apprenticeship includes the following: a work based qualification that is designed to ensure the apprentice is job ready, such as an NVQ or SVQ at either Level 2 or 3 ; Key skills qualifications such as communication and maths.

Once you're fully qualified, the starting salary of a beauty therapist can range from £12k-£17k and with further training, you might become a make-up artist for film and TV, or help develop new products.

You could even be running your own salon in the future, or you may wish to work for individual clients. Health and beauty has so many areas for you to work in once you finish your apprenticeship. So apply today!

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