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Fancy cementing your place in history by having your work admired for years to come by thousands if not millions of people? Well if the answer is yes, then building a future for yourself with an apprenticeship in construction may just be your cup of tea.



What's it about?

Construction is a multi-billion pound industry with plenty of sites ready for you to work on, all over the UK and abroad! Many of the largest construction companies operate across the globe, meaning that starting an apprenticeship in this industry doesn't just limit you to one country as the skills you will learn are transferable to whichever part of world you choose to work.

Construction is a massively broad industry and there are so many different apprenticeships out there, with so many occupations to choose from. Plasterer, scaffolder, joiner, bricklayer, roofer, civil engineering technician or even start an apprenticeship in plant maintenance! And there are not just physical construction apprenticeships to consider- if you have flair for organisation, then you could help make sure projects are running smoothly on time and within budget or assist a civil engineer or a decorator with design plans.

Construction isn't just one for the lads either, with over 200,000 women working in the industry already!

Whilst on your apprenticeship, you could be working on developing anything- whether it be a new national monument, or building a brand new housing estate. Either way, no matter what occupation you start in, if you adapt to the new skills you have learnt well enough, there's plenty of opportunity to climb that ladder (or scaffolding…).



Who's it for?

You do need to be a physically fit person, as you will need to be climbing up scaffolding- even if you're a designer! This would also mean you can't really afford to be afraid of heights. You'll need to be a good team player and be able to follow written and verbal instructions.

Understanding health and safety requirements and issues is also a vital issue while you must have an interest and be familiar with construction terms, tools, methods and materials.






What do I get out of it?

Once you've qualified, you can expect a starting salary of between £17k-£20k. There is plenty of earning potential in construction- you only have to put the work in. And with the 2012 Olympic Games being staged in London, this has already created thousands more jobs with the task of building it all!

There will be a single craft qualification for the Apprenticeship Framework and two single qualifications for the Advanced Apprenticeship Framework, one at craft and one at technician. Each qualification will generally include the necessary mandatory framework components that include a competence component, a knowledge component ERR and functional skills.

Construction is a rewarding profession and is a reason why one in 14 of the UK's workforce is currently employed in construction. As long as the population keeps growing, there is always going to be a demand for people to build and develop.



What vacancies are there?

Check out our construction apprenticeship vacancies to find opportunities open to you now!





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