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Posted: 6th of August 2010 by Anonymous

The Foundation Deegree Forward was closed in 2011. Before that, it commissioned a range of research reports to better understand how valuable joining a foundation degree program could be.

The research reports can be downloaded from the link below. The benefits of Foundation degrees for employers and learners are summarised in the report.

Although the data is not updated after Foundation Degree Forward has been shut down in 2011, the report is interesting as well as it gives you an idea of what you get out of a Foundation Degree programme. 

The impact of foundation degrees on the workplace and students (PDF) is a summary of research projects commissioned by fdf (2008)

The Foundation Degree Forward had produced a leaflet for employers about Foundation degrees. Case studies about individual learners and employers illustrating the benefits of Foundation degrees are featured on the Foundation Degree Forward website.

If you're after some information to make the case to your employer for financial and practical support, the following list may help to do this.
Unionlearn, along with the Foundation Degree Foward, had produced a guide for Union Learning Reps (ULRs) on negotiating with employers about the benefits of higher level learning. This can be downloaded from the resources section of Union Learning Reps website.

Benefits for employed students:

  • Gaining new subject knowledge and an understanding of theories linked to workplace practices
  • Development of skills such as critical reasoning and evidence-based evaluation
  • Development of a range of transferable skills such as group working and communication skills
  • An opportunity to share and discuss experiences and working practices, to learn from others and broaden horizons
  • On bespoke programmes an opportunity to meet with people from different departments and break down inter-departmental barriers
  • Gaining access to promotion and additional responsibilities at work
  • Personal changes such as increased confidence, learning to take initiative, interact with others and adding a new dimension to life
  • An opportunity to get back into learning at higher education level.

Benefits for students looking to enter employment:

  • An opportunity to gain real business experience
  • An opportunity to gain a broad knowledge of a specific industry
  • Development and enhancement of practical knowledge and skills
  • Development of critical reasoning and reflective skills
  • An opportunity to gain employer contacts that will be useful when seeking employment
  • Gain confidence.

Benefits for employers and employees

  • Gain a broader understanding of the job and the industry
  • Perform better in the job
  • Bring current and relevant knowledge to the company and share techniques
  • Have increased motivation and commitment to the company or organisation
  • Have increased confidence in applying skills and knowledge
  • Cascaded the knowledge acquired from the Foundation degree to other colleagues
  • Are willing to take on tasks they would not have tackled before
  • Have better communication, team working and problem solving skills
  • Become lifelong learners and embrace wider aspects of the business

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