Is a Sponsored Degree Right for you?

Posted: 28th of August 2012 by Anonymous

You have to have been living on a desert island for quite some time if you haven't heard how much universities have been putting up their tuition fees this year.  But as with everything, if you look hard enough there is a way around shelling out up to £9000 a year for your degree... and as a bonus, there's the very distinct possibility that you can go straight from university into a job that’s been held open for you while you've been studying.

In technical terms, we're talking about "Employer Funded Study", commonly known as a sponsored degree.  This is where a company pays for your studies towards a degree, and during those studies you’ll be working for that company... as well as for a pre-agreed time afterwards.

Companies think this is a great idea because they've been looking for ways to work with universities to provide degree students with work experience... and it’s excellent for students as well, since they’re getting the work experience required of them, the education they need and the degree that they want.

Plus, rather than being saddled with a huge amount of student debt on graduation, those fortunate enough to be working towards their sponsored degree will be getting paid as they study.

Some people might find one downside to a sponsored degree being that during university holidays, they'll be expected to turn up at the company’s premises and work there, just like any other employee - after all, how else would they be getting so much work experience?

Sponsored degrees are mainly in business-related subjects, and more for the benefit of the company than you might think.  So much depends on the role you'll be playing within your sponsoring company.

Make sure you check out all the terms and conditions, and that you and the company really are suited for each other before you sign on the dotted line, because you’ll probably be working for them for some years.  

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