Welding Apprenticeships

Posted: 14th of August 2010 by Anonymous

Want a job that makes sparks fly? Welding is one of the most specialist trades going and qualified welders are in high demand. If you like the idea of mastering sophisticated tools and making metal bend to your will, then a welding apprenticeship could be the start of a rewarding career.

What is a welding apprenticeships all about?

Whenever a metal object needs to be cut, transformed our joined to another metal, a welder is probably nearby.

Welding happens in all sorts of industries, including construction, manufacturing, oil and petroleum, marine, aerospace, automotive and more.

Welding is used in all sorts of situations, from manufacturing car parts on an assembly line to fixing damaged pipelines in an oilrig. Welders meld various types of metals (eg steel, brass, aluminium) together with specialist equipment like torches, hand held plasma cutting machines, and even computer systems.

What do I need to take up a welding apprenticeship?

It takes special knowledge of methods, materials and tools to make sure the metal holds and safety hazards are avoided. Welders can work on both large and small projects indoors (in factories and production lines) and outdoors (in shipyards and power stations). Some advanced welders are even trained to weld underwater on ocean-based drilling rigs!

On a welding apprenticeship, you’ll start by learning various welding processes, techniques and safe working practices.

You’ll also learn how to prepare surfaces for welding and how to select and set up equipment.

Is it a welding apprenticeship the right for me?

Welding is for people who like physical work and are able to safely operate specialist tools. As you might imagine with this kind of work, accuracy and concentration are a must. You’ll need to have good hand and eye coordination, and be able to work while wearing safety equipment, like a face-shield and heavy gloves.

Some of the work might involve making sense of technical drawings and plans, or using maths to work out measurements. What’s in it for me? After finishing a welding apprenticeship, you’ll get a Level 2 nationally recognised qualification, a technical certificate and key skills. Good welders are always in demand, and the salaries are higher than you might expect.

Apprenticeship salary

The starting salary for qualified welders can be between £12,000 and £17,000 a year. With experience, welders can earn up to £30,000 a year! Some even become consultants and advise businesses in the manufacturing industries.

What vacancies are there?

Check out our welding apprenticeships vacancies section to find the right opportunity for you!

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