Young People Exposed To Too Narrow A Range Of Careers

Posted: 20th of September 2016 by Anonymous

Young people are not getting the information about the variety of careers available and future job prospects that they need to make good career choices - find out here how to improve your chances of employment in the future.

Imagine for a minute that you have gone to a friend’s house with your mates. There are two pizzas on offer – one is a margarita, which everybody likes and wants, the other is a spicy vegetarian pizza, which only you and one of your friends enjoys. Which pizza choice is going to allow you to eat more pizza? The answer seems pretty obvious. If you are hungry then go for the spicy vegetarian pizza because you are likely to get more of it.

Now, all this pizza talk might seem a bit strange in an article about careers, but bear with me…

A recent report by City and Guilds has shown that young people are identifying and chasing after the same narrow pool of careers, often choosing the most obvious careers and neglecting others which have far better future employment prospects. The same principle applies – let’s call this the pizza principle. If you want to make finding employment in the future easier for yourself then identify and work towards a career where there are more job openings than there are candidates applying for them.

The Industries that young people identified wanting to work in are:

  • Professional, scientific and technical
  • Education
  • Information and communication
  • Arts, entertainment and presenters
  • Human health and social work
  • Financial and insurance activities
  • Public administration and defence
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture, forestry and fishing
  • Construction
  • Administrative and support services
  • Electricity, gas, steam and air
  • Accommodation and food
  • Wholesale and retail trade
  • Real estate activities
  • Transportation and storage
  • Mining and quarrying, and
  • Water supply, sewerage and waste

Of these – the only ones that had predicted available jobs for 2022 that was greater than the number who identified wanting to work in them was:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Administrative and support services
  • Accommodation and food
  • Wholesale and retail trade, and
  • Transportation and storage


You need to look beyond just identifying industries with good job prospects and also think about the careers within those industries. The report highlights the construction industry as an example.

The most popular career choices within the construction industry identified by young people were electricians and electrical fitters, carpenters and joiners, civil engineers, plumbers and heating ventilation engineers, and other construction and building trades. For all of these, the aspirations of young people exceed the reality of the jobs that will be available.

The construction occupations that the least amount of young people chose but which have good future job prospects are:

  • Production managers
  • Elementary construction
  • Administrative
  • Construction project managers
  • Book-keepers and payroll managers
  • Construction and building supervisors
  • Scaffolders and stagers, and
  • Construction operatives.

Discovering more about the huge variety of careers that are available within industries and understanding future job prospects provides a good way of mapping your career aspirations to employment chances - So, why choose the margarita pizza of career options, when the spicy vegetarian offers you a better chance of employment?


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