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Ceri Priddle
Ceri Priddle

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My apprenticeship story - Level 2 to degree

posted 16th of January 2017

As an apprentice I feel like a home-grown member of the team and I am treated no differently to any other member of staff, the fact that the company are, and always have been willing to invest in me means that I am always willing to go above and beyond in order to repay their faith.

Imagine for a moment, a world without print

posted 5th of January 2017

Print informs and illuminates, it brings us beauty and entertainment; it communicates and educates and inspires. Print delivers outstanding value and return on investment. And print is one of the most sustainable and environmentally responsible industries on the planet

Workplace etiquette - a Donald Trump guide

posted 14th of December 2016

We wanted to give you an idea of what to look out for, and what not to do in terms of inappropriate behaviour in the workplace - who better to use as a perfect example than Donald Trump

Pizza Hut and McDonald's use innovative print

posted 22nd of November 2016

Printed electronics open the door to innovative and engaging new applications. We've been following the developments at Novalia, one of the most important players in this domain, for years.

3D-Print helps to save lives

posted 2nd of November 2016

As time goes on the uses for 3D printing continue to impress and increase, from 3D printed castles, to trainers, to prosthetic limbs for humans and our animal friends, now 3D printing is enabling the poorest countries in the world to predict the weather.

The perils of social media

posted 26th of October 2016

According to the Guardian Jobs Recruiter Survey (2015) Three quarters of recruiters have looked up potential candidates on social media, here's a short guide to social media usage

BPIF's Trainee of the Year

posted 20th of September 2016

Here at the BPIF we are delighted to announce that one of our very own apprentices has been short-listed for Trainee of the Year at the PrintWeek Awards

What is 4D Printing?

posted 14th of September 2016

You may feel like 3D printing has only just appeared on your spectrum. I was astonished to realise that 3D printing has actually been around for 30 years,

Apprenticeship Levy/Trailblazer Guidance for Apprentices

posted 25th of August 2016

As you may or may not be aware, apprenticeships are currently undergoing a heavy period of change and we think it is crucial to give you an overview and an idea of how these changes are likely to affect you as an apprentice or a potential apprentice.

Printing and the Rio 2016 Olympics

posted 12th of August 2016

The 2016 Rio Olympics are well under way and today sees the start of the track and field events.  With that in mind, Nike will be introducing what they describe as their most sophisticated pair of running spikes to date, created using printing technology.

What is Greenwash?

posted 25th of July 2016

Greenwash is an environmental claim which is unsubstantiated or irrelevant.

A short review of Brexit and apprenticeships

posted 15th of July 2016

British apprenticeships are already going through a period of heavy change with the introduction of Trailblazers and the Apprenticeship Levy, so what does Brexit mean for the wonderful world of apprenticeships in print? A short review from BPIF Apprentice, Ceri Priddle

A Day in the life of a Higher Management Apprentice

posted 23rd of June 2016

Please don’t make the mistake that I did, and assume the only way to get as degree is through university – apprenticeships are a viable alternative that allow you to get in and go far in so many different industries

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