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Emily Dujon
Emily Dujon

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Kimberley keeps on trucking with Mercedes-Benz

posted 12th of May 2017

Kimberley Berry has found a route into automotive engineering through a Mercedes-Benz apprenticeship — a way to learn theory and hands on skills while earning a salary.

Great Apprenticeships!

posted 6th of April 2017

Going on an apprenticeship may be just the ticket to fulfil that dream. However, the dream may turn sour if the apprenticeship is not good quality or properly supported. For young and older people alike apprenticeships are a great way to learn and earn so the question is what does a great apprenticeship look like?

Top 5 most useful languages to learn

posted 18th of January 2017

Learning a language can be difficult but it is well worth the effort as it can improve your career prospects and allows you to live in other countries with ease. Some languages are spoken in multiple countries to improve worldwide communication and business so we list which languages can be the most useful to learn.

How to become a Nail Technician | LBTA

posted 16th of January 2017

Did you know that over 17,000 businesses in the UK currently employ Nail Technicians? From nail salons and nail bars to department stores and hotels, there is a constant demand for excellent nail work. Manicures and pedicures are sought after by many, and nail art is increasingly seen at the very forefront of fashion.

Career Profile: Property Manager

posted 6th of January 2017

"Although I ‘fell into property’, I can’t see myself working in any other sector. Each day is entirely different and I am constantly learning. There’s a variety of entry paths into property which is great if you don’t have a property degree."

Career Profile: Fund Management

posted 6th of January 2017

"Understanding how landlords and tenants can work together to make buildings better is at the centre of what I do, and draws on a range of key skills."

Career Profile: Surveying Apprentice

posted 6th of January 2017

"My career is my passion like Gok Wan with Fashion. Pursue a career in property and I’m sure it will surpass your expectations… it did for me."

Saffron Records

posted 6th of December 2016

Saffron Records is a music education platform for young women aged 14- 25. We provide skills development and access to industry, whilst fostering a supportive community of female creativity and self belief.

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