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Mental Health & Your Job Hunt

posted 17th of May 2019

20% of people worldwide have mental health issues – that’s a huge amount of people. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and there are thousands of support mechanisms for you at school, uni, college, at home and with external agencies and many of them are completely free.

Finding Yourself & Your Dream Job

posted 1st of May 2019

Finding yourself is a point you get to in your life where you understand yourself fully, your skills, values and beliefs. These 3 elements set the foundation for every decision you need to make in your life.

Exam Tips & Guidance 2019

posted 23rd of April 2019

With A-Level and GCSE exams approaching, the pressure is on and emotions may be running high. Pearson College London are here to help you with some top tips for revising during this busy time.

5 Skills Your CV Needs to Succeed

posted 18th of April 2019

When you’re looking to transition from education to employment, you need to display your transferable skills in your CV, showcasing your relevancy for your chosen career path.

Sytner Elite Technician Challenge 2019

posted 16th of April 2019

For aspiring young automotive professionals coming through the ranks, it is a fascinating time to be part of the industry. With new components, models and powertrains to explore, coupled with honing ever-important service-oriented skills to explain new technologies to customers, the role of today’s technician is an incredibly exciting one.

Your First Job Interview

posted 8th of April 2019

If you’re about to go to an interview for the first time, there are a few things you need to know beforehand.

The Opportunities Apprenticeships Offer

posted 2nd of April 2019

Apprenticeships combine working, earning and learning and allow apprentices to learn in a practical manner to gain a qualification alongside work experience.

Travelling Around the World Whilst Studying

posted 1st of April 2019

Studying abroad has a lot of benefits for students like me. I have learned a lot of things, experience the responsibilities that come with freedom, and most of all, I was able to enjoy my college life in general.

How to Qualify as an Insolvency Practitioner

posted 28th of March 2019

If you wish to not become a qualified insolvency practitioner, but work full time in insolvency, then this can be gained. The IPA conduct an exam to reach this.

Skills Needed for a Job in Construction

posted 26th of March 2019

The global construction industry is booming, with growth forecasted to hit figures of $8 trillion by 2030. With the UK set to be at the centre of European growth, a career in construction can offer versatility and progression.

Why Gen Z Will Change Marketing

posted 19th of March 2019

Gen Z will certainly be of interest, not only to marketers looking to sell products and services, but to organisations looking for the next generation of talent. A percentage of them will have already entered the workforce, though it will be the job of the marketing industry to ensure they are attracting these digitally-native future marketers.

Cyber Security in 2019

posted 15th of March 2019

Cybercrime is on the rise across the world. In the UK alone, it’s expected to cost businesses £4 trillion in additional costs and revenue losses over the next five years.

Degree Apprenticeships in 2019

posted 8th of March 2019

Degree Apprenticeships are growing in appeal due to their flexible and rewarding nature. Find out more from a current Degree Apprentice here...

Why Choose an Apprenticeship?

posted 7th of March 2019

What makes someone choose an Apprenticeship? Find out from Pearson Degree Apprentice Katie Fiddaman...

Women in Apprenticeships

posted 6th of March 2019

What is it like for a woman in a typically male-dominated job? Find out here...

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