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Martha Witcomb
Martha Witcomb

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The Benefits of an Accountancy Apprenticeship

posted 10th of May 2017

If you’re nifty with numbers and are considering a career in accountancy, there are a number of options available to you and they don’t just include an undergraduate degree. An apprenticeship can be a great avenue when you’re beginning your accountancy career, here’s why:

Business Beckons - Not University

posted 18th of April 2017

Once you’ve finished your ‘A’ Levels or diploma in Business Studies, the amount of post-18 options out there is bafflingly high. However, the two most well-trodden paths are going to university and finding a job. With the average student debt standing at a whopping £44,000 and no guarantee of a job at the end of a degree, it may be worth giving uni a swerve.

A Different Puzzle Every Day

posted 24th of March 2017

Trainee Air Traffic Controllers - £50k salary after three years - No aviation experience necessary. This role’s all about you. How you think and solve problems. How you handle pressure. How you adapt to unpredictable situations like extreme weather events.

Have you always wanted to work in the Movies?

posted 13th of March 2017

The Iver Make-up Academy is based in Pinewood Studios, training the best and brightest students in the latest techniques and skills needed in their chosen career path within make-up and hairstyling for screen, theatre and fashion

On Valentine’s Day Find Ways to Fall In Love With Your Career Again.

posted 2nd of February 2017

Valentine’s Day often sees two types of people; those who are loved up or, simply put, the Bridget Jones’ or Daniel Cleavers of this world. But despite the Valentine’s theme to this blog it is far from the romantic piece which you might expect… Here at The Training Room we know that Valentine’s means different things to different people - we also believe that everyone should have a job which they love, a job they can be proud of. So this year why not reignite the passion for your career and let cupid fire his arrows your way. This year fall in love with your career again.

Victoria – Canada

posted 31st of January 2017

Here, Victoria relates her experiences on a Voluntary Work summer where she worked as a camp counsellor at a camp for children and adults with disabilities in Canada. For her, it was a life-changing experience and she says she now has a new understanding of the word ‘compassion’ and a better grasp of the things that really count in life.

Become a Personal Trainer

posted 20th of January 2017

The Training Room has pulled together this post to give you the low-down on everything you will need to know if you’re considering becoming a Personal Trainer.

Olleco Official Film

posted 11th of January 2017

Olleco is one of the UK’s largest distributors of fresh cooking oil to the catering industry and is the largest collector of used cooking oil, serving over 50,000 catering establishments. It also has a bespoke food waste collection business, ensuring that food waste never goes to landfill. Olleco has 14 depots across the country, three bio-refineries, and a state of the art recycling facility in Liverpool which produces biodiesel from used cooking oil.

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