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How can apprenticeships help improve your business efficiency?

posted 4th of February 2019

Apprentices can often bring a fresh approach or “fresh pair of eyes” to the workplace, part of a positive attitude that can influence existing staff members. How can apprenticeships help improve your business efficiency? Pearson Business School explores some of the benefits a business could gain by hiring an apprentice.

How to kick-start your career in fashion photography

posted 30th of January 2019

Considering a career in fashion photography, but struggling to find a way in without enrolling on a university course? Learn how Garment Quater could help with their blog post on: How to kick-start your career in Fashion Photography

Stay Ahead with Online Study

posted 30th of January 2019

Keeping up to date with the latest skills is more important than ever before – but making time for study is a tall order for many marketers. Read more on CIM's featured blog post on: Stay ahead with online study.

Marketing campaigns of the future

posted 23rd of November 2018

Technology and customer needs have changed, we take a look key campaigns to examine how marketing will continue to develop in the future. Discover featured stories from John Lewis, Tesco and JD Weatherspoons.

How Not Going To Uni got me where I am today

posted 19th of November 2018

Throughout school, I was always unsure of what career path I wanted to follow. After studying Business at GCSE level, I was sure that something within the business world, most likely marketing, was something that I wanted to pursue. Discover how Not Going To Uni helped with Katie's journey into a Degree Apprenticeship.

3 tips for success in your next apprenticeship interview

posted 12th of November 2018

To help calm your nerves and set you up for a win, read our top tips for success in your next apprenticeship interview. Have you got an apprenticeship interview coming up? Read this guide to get you ahead.

The new marketing CV

posted 5th of November 2018

Marketers are tasked with keeping up with a rapidly evolving business landscape and eye-watering fast technological change. What key skills will marketers need to have on their CVs in the coming years? CIM provides us with some tips.

15 Best Netflix Halloween Films & Series - 2018

posted 31st of October 2018

Sweets are stocked, pumpkins are carved, decorations are out… Halloween is fast approaching! Get into the spooky spirit and get your Netflix binge on. From the classics, to family favourites to the seriously scary, we have rounded up the top 15 things to watch this Halloween season.

15 Top Tips for Becoming a Modern Apprentice

posted 24th of October 2018

Do you already know you want to become an apprentice but not sure how to get started? Here are our top tips for becoming an apprentice, and how to succeed in your apprenticeship.

Why become a marketer?

posted 29th of August 2018

Marketing is central to business today and in the future. Whether you fall on the arts or sciences side of the profession, training in the fundamentals can bring different skill sets together.

The top reasons why an alternative to university could benefit you

posted 16th of August 2018

With many students beginning their university journey next month, you might be questioning whether higher education is right for you. Sure living on a diet of pizza for three years might sound appealing, but there’s a lot more to it than that and this journey isn’t for everyone. Here are the top reasons why an alternative to university could benefit you, such as Apprenticeships.

What is the value of apprentices in construction?

posted 30th of July 2018

It’s been a concern for a while that the construction industry doesn’t have enough skilled workers. City & Guilds found that 87% of employers were already finding it difficult to recruit the necessary number of skilled workers last year and, Construction News reported that official figures show 12.6% of UK construction workers come from overseas, with 5.7% originating from the EU.

Skills learned from Apprenticeships: Turn Your Skills into Careers

posted 21st of June 2018

Completing an apprenticeship is a great way to gain valuable career experience & skills learned from the workplace. By getting your first taste of real-world work experience, you’re ready to join the workforce with your best foot forward. Discover all of our apprenticeship roles on Not Going To Uni

London Tech Week 2018

posted 11th of June 2018

London becomes the backdrop for a week-long festival of tech and innovation once again this June. The festival brings together 55,000 attendees to enjoy hundreds of events taking place across the city. See below to have the chance to WIN X2 Tickets to #LTW Future EdTEch event on Tuesday 12 June.

The rise in apprenticeships: why are they so appealing?

posted 25th of May 2018

With the recent increase in university fees, it’s unsurprising that many professionals are choosing to take a different path into employment. As a result, the popularity of apprenticeships is on the rise, with many opting to learn while they work. Whether you’re a recent school leaver, or you’re looking to change career paths, an apprenticeship could be the gateway to your perfect role. Discover apprenticeship roles with Not Going To Uni.

#MentalHealthWeek - 5 Tips to Deal With Stress

posted 18th of May 2018

5 Ways De-Stress & Help your Mental Health. Mental Health Week is all about accepting and learning how to deal with certain mental health conditions. Hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, this year for Mental Health Awareness Week (14-20 May), we're focusing on stress. Whether you're starting an apprenticeship or your new job, these tips will help you control stress levels.

UK Apprenticeship Report 2018

posted 30th of April 2018

UK Apprenticeship Report 2018 Total apprenticeship numbers are up but how has the government's levy affected businesses and the apprenticeship sector?  The infographic breaks down into apprenticeship starters, sectors, completion rate. Have a good look at the infographic below for the latest figures and trends.

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