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10 Good Reasons To Take A Gap Year

posted 30th of January 2017

If you are considering taking a Gap Year, then you may be concerned about things like how much it might cost and whether taking a year out will harm your career or education. You might wonder if it isn’t just better to knuckle down and ‘get on with things’ by heading off to uni, starting an apprenticeship, or finding a job. However, if you spend the time wisely, a Gap Year needn’t be a sacrifice but could actually be a really beneficial experience in a number of different ways. Here we present ten good reasons to take that Gap Year:

Apprenticeships – Know Your Rights!

posted 27th of January 2017

If you are planning on taking an apprenticeship it is worth knowing your rights. Many of the rights you have as an apprentice are the same as those for regular employees – such as being given a written contract of employment when you start. However, other rights are more specific to apprentices, such as being given time away from work to attend formal training.

The Benefits Of An Apprenticeship

posted 25th of January 2017

Thinking about what you will do after school of college often boils down to two things – whether to go to university, or whether to go out and find a job. However, these are not the only options available to you, and you may find that an apprenticeship will suit you even better. There are a number of benefits to opting for an apprenticeship – both for your career and your finances, but if you never get to hear about them how are you supposed to make an informed choice for your future?

Should I Go To University?

posted 23rd of January 2017

If you are wondering if university is the right choice for you it is worth taking some time to think about why you are thinking of going and what you hope to get out of it. It’s fine to feel unsure about what you are going to do with your life after A-levels, and the barrage of well-meaning advice from friends, family, teachers, and even sites like this can be confusing. While we can’t advise you what is best for you, with a few thoughtful questions you should be able to see what may be the best option for you and your future. So, if you are wondering whether you should go to university or not, perhaps you should ask yourself…

Improve Your Prospects In 2017!

posted 20th of January 2017

If you have returned to school or college after Christmas, you should be well back into the swing of things by now, but now that you are settled in again it might be a good time to think about where you are going next. You may have important exams coming up this year, so why not look back over your last term and see where you might be able to improve – rather than falling back into old habits!

Are You A Future Leader? 5 Tips To Get You Ready To Lead

posted 18th of January 2017

A 2014 leadership study found that 85% of global businesses are facing a potential leadership crisis as workforces age and need to be replaced by new bright young employees. It is estimated that Millennials will make up 40% of the workforce by 2020, yet only 21% of companies believe that their current pool of young employees have what it takes to become future leaders. There is clearly a belief that there is a gap between the leadership skills needed and those currently on display. Whether this is fair or true is a debate for another time, as what this shows is a perception among businesses which could actually work in your favour as a future employee or leader. Filling this apparent skills gap will not only make you desirable to employers but could also see your career take off as you become one of the leaders of tomorrow. So, what does it take to be a leader, what skills do you need, and how can you build them up?

Get A Career That You Believe In

posted 16th of January 2017

Choosing a career path is tough. It can seem like you are having to choose something that will impact the course of the rest of your life – and how are you supposed to decide that sort of thing right now? If you are the sort of person who finds it tricky to decide what top to wear on a night out you probably think that choosing what you are going to do for the rest of your life is a real stretch! It may even seem easier to just defer the decision and apply to university – even though this is a bit of an expensive way of avoiding making a choice. Perhaps it is time to take a different approach?

Why You Should Forget ‘Jobs For Life’ & Seek Skills Instead

posted 13th of January 2017

The idea that you can go to university or take an apprenticeship and then find a job that will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life is a bit out-dated. Sure, it can happen as there is always an exception to prove the rule, but the working life for most people is one that sees different jobs, a variety of different employers, and even the occasional total change of career! Traditional notions of the ‘job for life’ are increasingly obsolete as contract work and a variety of different employment models become more common. But what does this all mean for you as someone who is looking at entering the world of work? It means that you need to enter employment with a slightly different focus to that your grandparents did – who would have sought a job that they could stay at for a long time as they filled a pension pot and built up benefits over time.

5 Tips To Get Your CV Ready For 2017

posted 11th of January 2017

Christmas and New Year is well and truly behind us, so it is time to get back down to business and look forward to the year ahead – which may mean looking for work or an apprenticeship. To give yourself the best chance of getting that dream job for 2017 you will need to get your C.V. sorted. There is so much advice for writing a C.V. that it can be hard to know where to start. But, whatever your dream career, there are a few hard-and-fast rules that will help your C.V. do its job so that you can look forward to getting on with yours. Check out these 5 quick tips for C.V. success:

An Introduction To Apprenticeships

posted 9th of January 2017

Apprenticeships have been big news in recent months – whether it is talk of how they can fill a skills gap in the UK workforce, the impact of the apprenticeship levy, or even how they are increasingly being used to allow entry to professions previously requiring a university degree. But what exactly is an apprenticeship, how much can you expect to earn, and how old do you need to be to take one?

Smart Shopping In The January Sales

posted 6th of January 2017

Money is one thing that most of us could do with having more of. It is the reason so many people get up and head out to work every day and is certainly an important factor for any career or promotion that you may go for. Your career choices may be motivated by money or you may be dedicated saver (you really should try and save some money). However, spending money is also an important part of having it. You can imagine that money is really just tokens that allow you to swap your time, effort, and skills for things you want or need. How you spend your money is as important as how you earn or save it – spend it wisely and there will be more to go around - waste it and you could find yourself struggling to get by. Of course, this is all made tougher by the many marketers and advertisers whose job it is to get you to part with your money – so how do you stay smart with your shopping – especially right now with all the temptations of the January Sales?

New Year, New Chapter, New You?

posted 4th of January 2017

The new year has arrived and so, as the Christmas decorations come down, it is time to think of what 2017 will bring. Many people see the new year as a fresh start, but actually it is more like a new chapter in the book of your life. Things can change, of course, but where you have been so far will have an impact on what the year may bring. That said, this does not mean that big changes can’t occur and for some these will be on the horizon already – whether that is leaving school or college altogether, or starting the next phase of your education.

Why Take An Apprenticeship?

posted 30th of December 2016

An apprenticeship is like a job in many ways – you will get paid, you will have responsibility, and you will have work to do. But it is also different in that you will get trained and work towards a qualification at the same time. There are no tuition fees to worry about, and most apprentices go on to work in their chosen field once they qualify. An apprenticeship can open doors for you and are available in a wide range of industries and professions. From fashion to finance an apprenticeship can set your career up as well as allowing you to meet people on the inside from day one. These are just some of the benefits of taking an apprenticeship – but why else might you want to take one?

‘Recycling’ Your Unwanted Christmas Gifts

posted 28th of December 2016

Christmas is done for another year, and while you may still be looking forward to New Year and thinking about hitting the sales there is a chance you have got a couple of Christmas gifts that you don’t want or need. So, what do you do with them? Whether it is something totally unsuitable (‘why would anyone think I wanted that!’), or something you have already got, there is no need to let it go to waste. Here are five things that you can do with those unwanted gifts…

It’s Time For Apprentices To Speak Up

posted 23rd of December 2016

If you want to succeed you need a degree. University is the best choice for smart kids. An apprenticeship is a waste of time. Only those not clever enough to go to uni do apprenticeships. Vocational training is only for those who want to do a trade or manual work. These are the sort of statements that we hear all the time – they are being spread through our schools and in homes up and down the country, but these assertions are all wide of the mark. The fact that parents and teachers are also spreading these ideas is concerning as young people look to them for advice and guidance, so perhaps it is time for a different message from apprentices themselves?

Should You Tell The Truth At A Job Or Apprenticeship Interview?

posted 21st of December 2016

Interviews can be tricky as you navigate the pitfalls of trying to show yourself in the best possible light in order to get the job or apprenticeship. Of course, you don’t want to straight-up lie (“I once ran my own international corporation”), and yet you will want to present the best image of yourself possible. So where do you draw the line? The key is in showing the aspects of yourself that you need for the job and leaving the rest outside the interview room.

Last-Minute Christmas Shopping Advice

posted 19th of December 2016

So, you’ve got just a matter of days to get your Christmas shopping done, but there is no need to panic. A little organisation and some savvy shopping can help make sure that you get all your gifts sorted on time - without resorting to desperate measures (like buying everything from the local garage!) …

How To Write A ‘Cold’ Email (Effectively!)

posted 16th of December 2016

OK, you probably know how to write an email already (write, press send), but there is a difference between writing an email to your friend and writing one for work, in relation to an apprenticeship or for any other serious or business matter. This is especially true if you are sending a ‘cold’ email with the hope of attracting someone’s attention. Common in careers like marketing, there is a skill to writing an email that grabs the attention, gets to the point and says what you want in a personal yet business-like manner. A great specific skill to have, here we offer a few tips on how to write a cold email – effectively!

Why Do An Apprenticeship?

posted 14th of December 2016

For most young people the decision as to what to do after school or college boils down to two things – whether to continue with studying or to get a job and start work. For some the thought of getting a job can seem daunting – finally stepping out into the ‘real’ world, while for others the chance to finally get out there and earn some money is all the encouragement they need. However, whether you choose to keep studying or find work the destination is ultimately the same – the world of work. However, the choice needn’t be so stark, as an apprenticeship offers a tailored route into work as well as a qualification and more. So why might you consider taking an apprenticeship?

University – Are You Going ‘Just Because?’

posted 12th of December 2016

Going to university is a big moment in the lives of thousands of young people every year. Leaving home, often for the first time, and finding yourself as you study for your degree is a time-honoured route taken by millions over the years. Despite the huge costs involved in everything from tuition to living costs there is a real feeling that university is a ‘natural’ progression with many young people failing to even consider what their alternatives might be – almost as if they are going ‘just because.’ So here we look at a few of the common reasons for young people to opt to go to university – and see if they are really worth it:

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