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Posted: 16th of October 2017 by Parisha Mistry

Would you like your 'typical day in the office' to be transforming someone into a monster - or ageing them, or adding a bit of glamour or transporting them into a different century? Then become a Brushstroke trained make-up and hair artist, and benefit from our 25+ years' experience of helping people reach their potential and earn a good living as a professional in the world of film, TV and fashion.

Brushstroke make-up and hair training courses prepare you for your own very distinctive role in the production of films, TV programmes, stage plays, operas, fashion shows, commercials and music videos. Versatility is the keyword for today's make-up artist which is why at Brushstroke we teach a combination of highly sought-after skills across the vast arena of make-up and hair styling.

Our tutors are practicing make-up and hair artists, chosen for their specialist skills and experience. Their work in the fast-moving world of film, TV and fashion means you'll become familiar with working on set - using the very latest techniques, and selecting the right products and equipment.

As a make-up and hair artist, you're essentially helping your clients inhabit their characters for screen and stage - interpreting a director's dystopian vision of the world, replicating a period look or working at high speed on the cast of a much-loved TV show.

Give yourself a real chance of building a career in one of the most exciting industries in the world. Join the Brushstroke family of make-up and hair artists and we'll give you the proper skills and confidence you need to succeed.


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