10 Top Tips For 6th Form Success

Whether you are planning on going to 6th Form in September or are already underway with your A levels, it never hurts to get some advice on how to make the most of your time studying. Whether your goal is to head off to university, get an apprenticeship, go out to work, or some other route after Sixth Form, you will certainly want to make sure you do your best and get the grades you deserve. However, doing you’re a levels is about more than just study, so here we present ten top tips for Sixth Form success:

  • Check Your Options

Even if you have a decent idea as to what you want to do after 6th Form it is always worth checking out all of your options. Get some university prospectuses (or look online) to see what you can expect from different colleges, and also take a look at other options, such as apprenticeships. While many A level students see university as the next step, apprenticeships are becoming an increasingly popular alternative route into work. Don’t write off your options at this stage! You can check out some apprenticeship opportunities right here on NotGoingtoUni.

  • Organise Your Time

With free periods and so forth you will find that you have more free time during A levels than you did at school – so use it wisely. While it is nice to spend some time relaxing and catching up with friends, it is also worth using some of this extra time to get ahead with your studies. Set aside some time to do some study too!

  • Find a Favourite Place

Sixth form colleges often include a variety of different places to hang out – from a common room to a library. Find your preferred spot – somewhere that you find relaxing or stimulating (whatever you need), and make it your own.

  • Speak With Your Tutors

Your tutors are there to help you, so make sure you use them to your advantage. With smaller classes than at GCSE you will have more interaction with your tutors anyway, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep things in the classroom. If there is something you are struggling with, why not arrange a time to speak with your tutor to get a little extra help?

  • Study With Your Friends

You and your friends are all doing the same courses so make sure you bounce ideas off one-another. Studying together is also more fun than studying alone – but just make sure you actually get your work done!

  • Get To The Library!

It is a good idea to get to the library as soon as possible. You may find that certain books are taken out fast, so get in there are soon as you are given some reading and make sure you are the one walking away with the text. Not only will it allow you to get on with your work sooner, but it could also save you from having to spend money buying the book in question!

  • Get Involved

Sixth form isn’t just about study, as there may be other activities you can join in with – from sports to clubs, societies, or events. Make the most of your time by getting involved – it will help you meet like-minded people, settle in, and possibly even expand your horizons!

  • Save Money

Aside from going to the library rather than the bookshop, be sure to take advantage of any money-saving deals you may come across. It may be money off on travel such as with a railcard, or even discounts in shops and cafes – you may as well take advantage of these offers and save on things you would have bought anyway!

  • Get A Job

Getting a job will certainly help your finances, but may also be a great thing to put down on your C.V. or university application (depending on what you choose to do after A levels). Showing that you are reliable and have some real work experience under your belt is always a good thing, while some extra money surely won’t go amiss! Of course, make sure that your work doesn’t interfere with your studies.

  • Enjoy Yourself!

With all the study it can be easy to forget to enjoy yourself. But you should be able to enjoy studying the subjects of your choice and the newfound freedoms that Sixth Form college offers you compared to school. Take some time to appreciate your surroundings, being around your friends, and all the other good things that Sixth Form offers. Two years may seem like a long time, but it will be over before you know it, so take time to enjoy the experience too!

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