200 different careers to bring out the best in you.

Army careers reward and develop you in ways that no university ever could. On top of the excellent pay and benefits you’ll earn, there’s the satisfaction that comes from doing extraordinary things – from peacekeeping to providing humanitarian aid and enforcing anti-terrorism measures. It’s little wonder that we’ve over 200 roles in the Army, covering everything from Infantry to Intelligence, Logistics to Linguists.

Whichever path you take with us, you can expect full training and ongoing support. And because of the unique scope of our duties, you’ll find there really is no typical day. Some days you might be on base, the next you’re on exercise. However after your work is done, your time is your own – just like any civilian job.

The Army is different from most careers, apprenticeships or routes through education. Our world-class training equips you with valuable lifelong skills; the kind that will make you stronger personally and professionally. You even get somewhere to call home too. What’s more, the people you work alongside aren’t just your colleagues; they’re your best mates.

Soldiers tend to make friends quickly. Working and living close to each other brings people together. And there are shared experiences to talk about, from basic training to what’s happening at work.

It’s not all about the job, though. Soldiers often socialise or play sport together when the working day is over. Join us and you’ll discover a group of people who take care of each other, on duty and off.

Lots of people worry about whether they will pass the fitness test, or how they will do in the interviews and selection tests. But we can help you to get ready for all the tests you’ll face, from interview tips to helping you prepare for your “ice breaker exercise”, where’ll we’ll ask you to tell us about yourself.

With so many different roles on offer, you’re sure to find one that suits you. And if you’re not quite ready to join us now, that’s okay. We've got all the information We've got all the information you need to prepare yourself physically and mentally. Click here to find out more

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