5 Hobbies That Will Boost Your CV

I get it - you’re busy in your studies and frankly you couldn’t care less about picking up a hobby on top of your workload. Whatever excuse you make, hobbies can be very good for your future career. Here are 5 hobbies that will boost your CV.The job market is extremely competitive meaning more and more people would be applying for the same job as you. How do you make your curriculum vitae stand out? It’s simple pick out some hobbies that will get you noticed.Learn a languageYou often find in job applications how many languages you speak with a row on the side to tick them off accordingly. For your future employer a new language forms quite an impression it proves that you are yearning to learn new things and are open to different cultures. This also will help you significantly when you are travelling with work or a holiday to a different country.Create a blogblogging is important because it is your learning a self-reflection archive. As a creative student you can also post projects you have felt very passionate about in your studies that future employers are able to see. Blogs can be a clever tool in showing of your work, thoughts etc.VolunteerIt’s simple there is nothing more fulfilling and satisfying than helping others. You’re giving something back to your community and making a difference to people’s lives as well as develop key skills that will help on your knowledge and experience. This is impressive for future employers to see as it takes a lot of guts to volunteer it proves that you are a caring and passionate person.Start a societyThis will show that you are able to manage others as well as use your own initiative. Not only would this boost up your CV but you gain key skills to be organised, creative, friendly and approachable, and have a keen passion for results. You will find a lot of these skills are highlighted as must for when you are applying for a job. This also proves you are fun to be around and also a multi tasker by studying as well as managing a society.Exercisenot only is it good for keeping fit and healthy but it is also good for your mental wellbeing. Whether you play in your local tennis or football team, this will show your prospective employer that you are in fact a good team player and that you have got the concepts right. Also it shows that you are active and energetic which is crucial in determining whether or not you are fit for your future role.These five hobbies are sure to boost your CV and get you noticed in the competitive job market.

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