5 steps to be Linkedin ready

One of the major things that employers now look at are Linkedin profiles of future employees.I have had it happen to me in the past and honestly speaking I never knew exactly how to use Linkedin as it is different to other social media sites. So below, I have set up five simple steps to make sure that your profile gets noticed by future employers.By Maryam Ali –PR and Marketing internProfessional profile photoIt’s simple, you will be judged if you don’t have a Linkedin friendly profile photo. Yes it is great to have a social life just make sure you keep away from posting pictures climbing a tree on your Linkedin account it has happened before where people think it’s similar to Facebook well it’s not. You have to be a little more serious with Linkedin. I am not saying go to a studio and get professional shots of yourself taken but instead choose a photo that has less background noise around it and instead is clear and a visible shot of you.HeadingA clear current job title and unique selling point in your summary helps employers see if you fit their search right away. Many people also state what particular job role they are looking for this also helps filter down your profile to relevant employers. Accuracy is vital there is nothing worse than spelling or grammatical errors so make sure you read over what you have written.Career historyIt should always be in order with the most recent role at the top. Look at writing a concise line or two about your role and responsibilities. It always helps employers to see that you have pulled through the business description into your career history.Recommendations from past employersThis is a crucial factor for getting noticed by future employers it acts as a complement highlighting and proving your competency at work from another professional. Recommendations tell more of a story about you then making a mere statement they help reinforce the idea of a reference before the recruiter has even got to know you they can already build an understanding of you.Actively participate in Linkedin groupsThis is a way for you to share and participate in your chosen specialist industry with other professionals. There are plenty of groups for job seekers your university alumni, specific professions and a variety of specialised worldwide associations. This helps you create new connections and get noticed amongst like-minded professionals with a chance to land yourself into a new job.Now you know how to boost your Linkedin presence why not give it a go and see how you get on with your job search.

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