5 Ways To Stay Upbeat While Looking For Work

Looking for work can be a bit demoralising if it is taking time to land a job or apprenticeship. Staying positive will help keep you motivated and trying your hardest to land that dream job, but the longer the search drags on the harder it may be to remain upbeat about the whole process. Of course, the first step is to make sure you are applying for openings that you are qualified for – you will struggle to land the job as a CEO straight out of school! However, if you are applying for courses or work that you are qualified for, it may take a little extra effort to keep going and turn your search into a success.

  • Treat Your Search Like A Job

Treating your job or apprenticeship search like a job will keep you motivated and make sure you don’t miss any opportunities. Setting aside a time each day to work on your search will make sure you keep up with new opportunities while also providing time for you to update your C.V., work on your covering letters, or fill out application forms.

  • Keep Networking

Networking is a good way to find opportunities. You may want to go online and network via social media such as LinkedIn, or perhaps you can just talk to people you know to see if they can help you find work. You might be surprised by how many opportunities don’t ever make it out to the public, so use your contacts to see if there are any jobs going. Of course, you can always look for job and training opportunities right here on NotGoingtoUni.

  • Let An Expert Help

There is an old saying that says you don’t have a dog and bark yourself. Basically, this means you shouldn’t waste time doing something when you can get someone else to do it for you. Te same goes for your job search. While we wouldn’t recommend that you give up all responsibility, you should certainly get some expert help if you can. Register with recruitment consultants who may be able to help with your job search, let you know of opportunities that have been given straight to them, and may also be able help with things like your C.V. and covering letters. You might also want to check in with our Advice Centre’ if you have any questions about your future.

  • Get Some Training

Maybe you could make yourself more employable by doing a little extra training. There are plenty of online courses out there that can offer you an extra edge. Alternatively you might consider boosting your prospects by doing some volunteering or taking an internship in a particular area. This will not only improve your employability by teaching you new skills and offering some experience, but also shows a proactive attitude and a willingness to work – things employers love to see!

  • Ask For Some Feedback

How can you know what to improve if you don’t know what you are doing wrong? Ask for feedback from potential employers and recruiters if you can – especially if you find yourself coming up short in one particular situation, such as interviews. Find out how you can make your covering letter more appealing, your C.V> sharper, and your interview technique top-notch. Feedback isn’t criticism – it is advice which you can use to improve.

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