6 Effective Stress Management Tips for University Students

One common thing amongst every university student, whether a freshman or senior, is the increased stress that comes with a tight-packed schedule. From attending regular classes to work commitments to dealing with exams to balancing social life to managing finances, your university life can be challenging and sometimes can take a severe toll on your mental health.

These day-to-day activities are part and parcel of a student’s life. You might not evade them, but you can definitely learn to manage your stress level to live with peace and harmony. And to guide you better, we have compiled a list of six effective stress management tips that you can adopt to lead a happy and healthy uni life!

Make a To-Do List 

It is a madhouse when you try to do everything at once or without a proper plan. It only increases your stress and anxiety levels. While you might have a monthly planner or weekly planner, it is also essential to make a daily to-do list to better organise things. 

List down all the tasks you need to accomplish daily and try to finish them one at a time. This is a great habit to prevent both missing out on important deadlines and managing your stress effectively.

Get Enough Sleep

Our body needs to rest properly at night to perform everyday tasks the next day. While sitting inside your student accommodation in Southampton or student housing in Bournemouth

it may be tempting for you to pull an all-nighter with friends or to hit the books until midnight. But you need to remember that these practices are harmful to you as insufficient sleep can put you at risk of serious illnesses like depression, diabetes, etc. It is imperative to make changes in your sleep cycle and take a good night sleep for 7-9 hours every day.

Take Short Study Breaks

Just as your body needs rest at night, your mind also needs it during continuous study hours. We understand your university life is a crucial chapter in your life where you need to give your 110% to create a successful career. And for this purpose, you are ready to leave no stone unturned by studying continuously for regular classes and exams. But you need to remember that taking short study breaks is vital for your brain to function properly and avoid burnout. According to the Pomodoro Method, set a timer for 25 minutes of work and, after that, take 2-3 minutes of rest; however, it is always subjective, and you can schedule your breaks according to your needs.

Practise Meditation

One of the effective techniques to wipe away the everyday stress and anxiety is to practise meditation daily. Even a few minutes in meditation can instantly calm your nerves and give you inner peace. There are many ways to practise meditation, and the most common is ‘deep breathing’, which is good for beginners. 

So while staying inside your Sheffield Hallam accommodation or student accommodation at Royal Holloway, practice deep breathing meditation every day. And for this, you need to locate the quietest corner, sit comfortably in the correct posture on our yoga mat, and practise it by focusing all your attention on your breathing as you inhale and exhale. Remember, breathe deeply and slowly. 

Practise Journaling

Journaling is an excellent way to declutter your mind and free up your mental space. It helps reduce your stress levels by putting your thoughts together and providing you with a clear perspective. It is a popular technique that not only improves your mental health but also enhances your writing abilities, which is an important work skill.

It is better to journal every day, but even if you can’t, do it whenever the bouts of overthinking or anxiety kick in. You can do it anywhere but preferably when alone and in a quiet environment. So next time when you are fretting over something sitting inside your student housing in Edinburgh, take out your diary and a pen and start writing down your thoughts. 

Talk to Your Loved Ones

Is there a better way to feel good and peaceful than talking to a loved one? No, right! Sometimes, we cannot handle certain situations in our lives, and we need others to guide us better in those. Maybe it is a fight with someone at uni, dealing with exam stress, or simply having a bad day; you should talk your heart out to your family and friends about anything that is stressing you out. We promise it is the best therapy and can instantly lift your mood!

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