7 Reasons To Take An Apprenticeship

Posted: 15th of October 2015 by Anonymous

Let’s cut to the chase. If you are trying to decide what to do with your future you need some solid information rather than airy promises and hoped-for outcomes. While you may be considering university as an option, there are other choices out there for you to consider, one of which is to take an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships are sharply in focus right now, with the government pledging to increase the funding in a bid to get young people ready to fill gaps in the workforce. But what have you got to gain from taking the apprenticeship route? Quite a lot actually, as we show with these reasons to take an apprenticeship:


  • Wages


Let’s take it from the top and look at the financial side of things first. An apprenticeship is just like any other regular job in that you will get a wage for doing it. Sure, the wage will be lower than you can expect to get once qualified, but you are also getting other benefits including your training to offset this. Besides, even a small wage is better than what awaits undergraduates who have to pay to get their qualification!


  • Skills


As an apprentice you will be working on the job, ganing practical work skills as you go. This work experience can prove invaluable to building your confidence and making you more employable too. Your direct work experience will improve your C.V. immeasurably with relevant skills and knowledge, while apprentices get the chance to learn directly from experts in their field, while on-the-job! Learning the right skills on-the-job is one of the strongest points of doing an apprenticeship, making it one of the best alternate routes to career success. 


  • Get Your Career Started


As an apprentice your career is underway as soon as you get started. There is no need to wonder what you will be doing when you qualify as you are already doing it! Many apprentices even stay working with the company they apprentice for – making the transition into work really easy.


  • No Debt


While we have already mentioned earning a wage while on your apprenticeship there is a much larger financial benefit to doing an apprenticeship compared to going to university. With no tuition fees there is no debt. You will be able to start your career without the burden of owing thousands of pounds – never mind how such debts could impact your credit rating and future financial well-being!


  • Making Contacts


A lot is made of the contacts that you can make at university, but you can also network during an apprenticeship. Meeting fellow apprentices as well as people who actually work in the industry you are entering could prove invaluable with pushing your career forwards.


  • Training & Support


Unlike heading straight into a job, an apprenticeship will offer you structured support while you train. With people who are genuinely doing the job you are training for alongside you, you can pick up tips and advice as you go. Those not quite ready for an apprenticeship can still get things moving with a traineeship, which will offer a good foundation from which to move forward.


  • Get A Qualification


An apprenticeship is not just about learning on-the-job, but will also provide you with a recognised qualification. Depending on the apprenticeship, you may be able to train for a professional qualification in the area you want to work in – giving you proof that you know what you are talking about and doing! More and more, the brightest students are finding that an apprenticeship is the best option for them to get ahead.



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