9 reasons why you definitely shouldn't volunteer abroad this year

1.You'll miss Netflix© ICS / VSO / Jack Howson‘You see the latestOrange is the New Black?’
No mate. Too busy living my best life.2. The food will be grim© ICS / Y Care / Javier AcebalThough this tasty rice dish from Senegal would hit the spot I guess.3. You'll miss your mates© ICS / Raleigh / Andrew AitchisonBecause shared experiences in a new countryhavenever led to new friendships?4. What about your family?© ICS / Y Care / Javier AcebalExcept you'll live with a host familywho'llwelcome you into their home.
Suddenly it'slike you've got two mums.5. You love your pets too much to go© ICS / VSO / Andrew AitchisonBut maybe you'll fill the gap by makingfriends with the neighbourhood monkeys, zebras, chickens, donkeys, goats, elephants ...6. It'll be boring© ICS / Andrew AitchisonYeah, right.7. Young people can't offer anything© Challenges Worldwide / Esther MbabaziTrue. After all, it’s not like a mixed team of UK and national volunteershave a diverse range of skills, passion and professional experience to offer ...8. One person can't make a difference© ICS / Progressio / Matilda Gomez-DevallWhen did a small group of committed individuals ever change the world?
Oh, it’s the only thing that ever has? Kcool.9. 11 weeks won't change your life© ICS / Restless Development / Elina ErikssonTry telling that to these guys.Ok so we lied. You definitely should volunteer. Are you ready for ICS?

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