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Posted: 16th of May 2017 by Mansur Shohag

Those days are long gone when you could start a job in accounting after graduating from Universities using the traditional route. These days employers increasingly looking for candidates who possess relevant professional accounting qualification so that they have more practical understanding of the job sector.

Benefits of AAT Accounting Qualification

As an AAT qualified accountant students can start their career much faster than the traditional route. On average, students earn more than £21,600 in UK as a starter. Furthermore, you can fit your AAT studies around your other commitments without the need to hampering those commitments. When you register with AAT you get access to myAAT account where you get ample materials to customise and plan your studies, industry news and other useful tips to stay ahead of the game. It's main accounting qualification is made of 4 different levels of accounting qualifcation.

The first, Level 1 is basic to make you ready and to ensure you are competent enough in numereacy and literacy skills required for next levels. Next, the Level 2 of AAT accounting course is made up of 5 exams and it is the foundation level to ensure you are ready to move ahead with more advanced skillset. Then, the Level 3 of AAT Advanced Diploma is made up of 6 units/exams which is a more advanced level of aat qualification. Finally, the Level 4 of AAT professional Diploma is the top level of AAT Accounting qualification and is made up of 6 exams components. Once you finish all 4 levels of AAT qualification, you can gain a MAAT title subject to meeting experience requirements and it confirms your professional status as an AAT qualified accountant giving you higher recognition within the Industry and among the potential employers.

Osborne Training AAT Courses

Osborne Training is a premier aat training provider based in London. It has been a leading college for courses in AAT accounting qualification throughout UK. It offers Online courses of AAT to ensure more effective learning in real time. It also offers distance learning for AAT courses so that students can study at their own pace without hampering other commitments in day to day life. It has been recently nominated within top 5 Online college of UK by accounting industry famous PQ Magazine for the efforts and as a recognition to make accounting more accessible throughout UK. Talk to a course advisor at Osborne Training to find more about various career options available.


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