Aliens, bottoms and chocolate – the ABC of insurance*

Posted: 13th of September 2016 by Nerys Montana

If you’re reading this, you probably realise that you don’t need to go to university to have a successful career. You probably also know that apprenticeships are available in just about every sector, including finance and even insurance.

At the CII, we’re passionate about giving you the tools to make an informed choice about your career. That’s why we’ve written our new parents’ guide to apprenticeships. It’s not a guide that tries to convert everyone to the delights of working in insurance and risk (though we’d love it if you did). Instead, it takes a look at some of the myths around apprenticeships and the costs of going to university. Uni isn’t, and shouldn’t be, for everyone.


It’s not even the only way to get a degree.


We like the alternative routes –


You could start with an apprenticeship and a full-time job; in our sector it will include a professional qualification. Once you’ve finished that, you could go on and take a higher-level apprenticeship or just a stand-alone professional qualification. Then you can complete your professional qualifications and top up to either the final stages of a Bachelors degree or gain direct entry to a Masters degree.


The last stage of that package may require a little investment from you (a few thousand pounds maybe) but all other stages are paid for by your company. On top of your salary you’ll probably get a bonus for completing qualifications too. Nice.


Degree apprenticeships are another smart way to get professional qualifications, a degree and a job at the same time. More and more of these are coming and we expect to see them in our sector in 2017.


To find out what jobs are coming from companies in our sector, and to build your business network, become a Discover member. It’s free to join and has helped others find their first job. Email to apply. 


*Aliens - more than 30,000 people have taken out an insurance policy against being abducted by little green men.


Bottoms - yup, showbiz stars can insure their most precious assets and, for J-Lo, that included her posterior, for nearly $30m.


Chocolate -  a chocolate scientist (genuine job title) had her taste buds insured this year for £1m. She’s not allowed to eat hot food that could damage her mouth.

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