Apple Watch vs QA Apprenticeships – Which is Best?

Apple Watch vs QA ApprenticeshipsSo we’ve all heard the news about Apple joining the “smart watch” market with their new Apple Watch. The internet is close to bursting from excitement, with bloggers already comparing the watchto close competitors already out there. But the question that’sreallyon everyone’s lips is – how does it compare toQA Apprenticeships, award-winning provider ofIT apprenticeships?Well we’re glad you asked, internet user!Here’s our handy breakdown to help answer those itching questions…WearabilityOkay, so the Apple Watch may have the upper hand when it comes to wearability due to it being an actual physical product, unlike ourIT apprenticeships. However, what a QA Apprenticeship does give you is professionalMicrosoft certified qualificationsthat you can “wear” on your CV for the rest of your life.And we think that counts.EmploymentWell there’s definitely no contest with this one.Sorry, Apple Watch, but you’re just not cut out for giving your wearers exceptional employment rates.94%of QA Apprentices, on the other hand, go on to full time jobs – which is evenmore than Oxford grads with First class degrees! So if you’re looking for a tech career, QA Apprenticeships is the way to go.DesignThe Apple Watch looks lovely and has six different watch straps to make your brand new Apple product unique and individual.Similarly, QA Apprenticeships offers 6 core Advanced apprenticeship programmes, and an additional 3 types of Higher apprenticeship as well:IT Systems & Networking,Software & Web Development,Digital Marketing,Project Management,Business, andProfessional Sales.Each of these programmes is designed specifically to the job that you have as a QA Apprentice, to make sure you’re only learning what’s absolutely relevant to you and giving you the best possible start to your tech career!CostThis is the big question. Yes, they both seem lovely and all – but how much is it going to set me back?Well, the Apple Watch will burn a $349 hole in your pocket (approx. £217) which I think we can all agree is a hefty sum, even if it is the peak of technology. On the other hand, choosing to doIT apprenticeshipswith QA will cost you a grand total of……Zero pounds.In fact, ourIT apprenticeshipswill actually earn you money! QA Apprentices get salaries of up to£250 per week, close totriplethenational minimum apprenticeship wage.In your first week of a QA Apprenticeship you couldearn enough to buy yourself an Apple Watch!(but obviously we recommend that you prioritise keeping yourself well fed and healthy – you can certainly at least start saving.)So which is best?Let’s be honest, they’re both great.But if you’re looking for a tech career with thebestUK employers, if you’re looking to earn£250per week, if you’re looking forworld-classMicrosoft certified training at no cost to you, and if you’re looking forexceptionalemployment opportunities, then a QA Apprenticeship is the way to go.At the end of the day, you can always save enough to buy yourself an Apple Watch as well.Click here to find out more about QA Apprenticeships.Hundreds of the best tech & IT employers are hiring right now for school leavers and job seekers across the UK.Search for IT jobs near you using our vacancy search here.

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