Applying For An Apprenticeship? What Employers Want…

Your apprenticeship application could be the first time you have put together a ‘proper’ application to an employer. You will want to get it right and show yourself to be the perfect apprentice candidate in order to get accepted onto the apprenticeship and kick-start your career, but what exactly are employers looking for from you?

Try putting yourself in the shoes of the employer and ask what you would want from an apprentice if you had a business of your own. You would want someone who was ready to learn and willing to work, but you would also want someone who was able to get on with others and able to integrate into the workforce.

Can you think of any instances where you have shown these qualities? If so they are good examples to put down on your application.

Employers will also be keen to see applicants who can show a balance between academic success and an enthusiasm for the industry they hope to enter. If you can show why you want to work for a particular employer or in a certain industry then it will certainly improve the chances of your application being successful.

For this reason (and others) it is always worth tailoring your application to suit the apprenticeship you are applying for. The same goes for job-hunting – employers can spot a ‘generic’ application compared to one that has been created for them.

Of course, this isn’t to say you can’t have a basic format for your applications – just that you need to tweak each one to suit the position you are applying for or the employer you are aiming to appeal to.

An apprenticeship is a two-way street between your learning and the needs of an employer – a synergy that has seen apprenticeships have a boost in popularity over recent years.

Your application is a chance to sell yourself – showing interest, enthusiasm, and a little insight into your personality all helps – but don’t try making jokes – you need to keep things business-like. Show why you decided to apply for that particular role – and saying ‘because there was nothing else I wanted to do’ isn’t good enough. Employers will soon pass you over in favour of someone who seems interested and engaged in the company, career, or industry.

Finally, make sure to check your spelling, grammar and punctuation. Get someone else to look over it for you as they may spot mistakes you had missed – and don’t rely on a spell-checker to do the work for you – they can make mistakes too.

Poor spelling will see your application dismissed quickly – the employer will wonder that if you couldn’t be bothered to get that right how can they expect you to care when it comes to your training. Don’t give them an excuse to overlook you for someone else – check your application and show why you are the perfect fit for the job.

If you are still looking for an apprenticeship you can search by industry and location right here on NotGoingToUni. If you need some extra inspiration you can always check out our 30 most popular apprenticeships from 2015!

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