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Business, admin and law apprenticeships are the most popular of apprenticeships. In 2014/15 there were 142,980 business, admin and law apprentice starts and provisional figures for apprenticeships in business for 2015/16 are 141.650.Where can I find a business apprenticeship?The greatest number of apprenticeships in business, admin and law are in the North West, the West Midlands and Yorkshire and the Humber. So, if you live in any of these areas of England, you stand a good chance of finding an apprenticeship.We list live apprenticeship opportunities and you can narrow your search to look for apprenticeships in business and apply directly from the site. Alternatively, you can search on jobs and training provider sites or you can look on the individual websites of employers to see if they are advertising.What kind of apprenticeships in business are there?Apprenticeships available nowApprenticeship frameworks exist in the following areas:
Business and administration
Business innovation and growth
HR management
Project management
Apprenticeships in developmentThe following apprenticeship standards are in development, so look out for these when they become available:
Payroll administrator
Small business financial administrator
Business to business sales manager
Business improvement technician
Innovation and growth associate
What do business administrators do?Administrators are great organisers and they have roles that involve doing the day to day activities within the workplace that keep the place running smoothly. Much of the responsibilities depend on the experience that you have but can range from sorting the post and photocopying at a very junior level to managing the office and assisting the directors and executives.Administrators work in all different areas of business and the tasks that they do differ depending on this. For example, a payroll administrator:Figures out how much employees should get paid by adding up all their overtime, deducting enough to cover tax and national insurance payments, and taking into account things like holiday, sick pay and expenses.Level 2 apprenticeships focus on topics including calculating gross and net pay and how to maintain accurate employee records.Level 3 apprenticeships build on what has been learned on level 2, introducing more complex payroll tasks – including year-end procedures. It also helps you develop effective payroll management skills.

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