Apprenticeships in plumbing

Plumbers work commercially, and they also work for domestic clients. Plumbers are employed by companies or they can be self- employed and plumbing is an essential part of the construction industry. Find out what skills you need to be a successful plumber as well as the qualification routes you can follow.Plumbing covers the maintenance and installation of plumbing systems and components as well as servicing and fixing appliances. Although you can study full or part time at college for a plumbing qualification, the most common route into a plumbing career is through and apprenticeship in plumbing, because this route offers vital practical training. You can find additional information about plumbing apprenticeships in our All about Plumbing Apprenticeships blog.To be a successful plumber you need:
good problem-solving skills
a systematic way of working and a careful approach
to be able to follow technical drawings and plans
knowledge and understanding of safety issues and legal regulations / standards
good customer care and communication skillls
Plumbing Apprenticeship levelsApprenticeships are available at both intermediate and advanced levels and the plumbing apprenticeship framework includes working towards and gaining an NVQ Diploma in Plumbing and Heating at level 2 for the intermediate apprenticeship and the NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Domestic Plumbing and Heating for the advanced apprenticeship.There are three pathways available through the advanced apprenticeship, which are: Oil-fired, solid fuel and environmental; Gas-fired warm air appliances and Gas-fired water and central heating appliances). Bear in mind, that if you want to install gas central heating you will need to be CORGI registered (the Council of Registered Gas Installers)Completing an intermediate apprenticeship and gaining a level 2 NVQ will equip you with basic skills and allow you to start work full time, however completing the advanced plumbing apprenticeship, together with the level 3 NVQ will allow you to work in industry and with gas or to start your own plumbing business if you want to. You can also gain your master plumber’s certificate.Want to read more about why you should train as a plumber? visit our blog article here or check out our latest opportunities in plumbing.


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