Architectural Exchange Programme

Posted: 2nd of March 2018 by Sophia Silver

Effective collaboration

Our Architectural Exchange Programme provides an opportunity for our engineers to spend one or two weeks on secondment at an architectural practice – in return we provide the chance for architecture graduates to spend similar time on secondment at Hoare Lea.

Currently, three prestigious architecture firms participate in the scheme, which provides mutual benefit to their graduates by collaborating in interdisciplinary design training. The objectives and arrangements vary a little with each participating firm, to suit their needs and project activities. However, the overall objective is to raise interdisciplinary awareness, encourage a holistic, well-rounded and sustainable approach to building design and provide an insight into the culture and challenges of a different discipline.

A shared experience

The secondments involve active participation in the other discipline, rather than just observing. Through this initiative, people from both disciplines can exchange ideas and gain a more holistic approach to building design, developing a greater understanding of the process as a whole.

“It was a good opportunity for networking and getting to know local architects, building stronger relationships with those who we work with regularly.” Stephanie Cramp, Cardiff

Now in its twelfth year, the programme has already provided secondments for more than 220 graduates and trainees across all the firms involved.


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