Are these the coolest jobs in the world?

You know what they say; when you love your job it’s not like working. So here’s the low down on some of the coolest jobs on the planet.Waterslide testerGet your swim wear ready and head to the pool. As a waterslide tester you would travel to resorts and take multiple trips down the slide, noting how much water the slide uses, how quickly you move down it, and how much fun it is. You’ll also note any safety hazards you see and you might write reviews.Chocolate tasterPerhaps not as fun and glamourous as it sounds – but if you love chocolate, hey – you’ll get over that. As a chocolate taster you would note the appearance, aroma and ‘snap’ of the chocolate before moving on to the melt and taste of it…yum.Professional sleeperIf staying awake is just too hard for you then maybe a job as a professional sleeper is just the thing. Believe it or not one hotel in Helsinki employed someone to spend 35 nights in 35 different rooms to test them.Paradise island caretakerIt’s a hard life right? Imagine being flown to a beautiful island and given the responsibility of swimming, snorkelling, sailing and feeding the local fish population. Oh, you might have to blog about it too and produce a video diary.White hat hackerA white hat hacker is a cyber-security expert who uses their IT skills in combination with thinking like a criminal to detect how black hat hackers (they’re the bad ones) might hack into systems and do damage. They do this so that the systems can be improved to prevent malicious cyber attacks.

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