Are you a healthy student aged 18-64? Do something rewarding today!

PAREXEL are recruiting healthy students for paid Clinical trials taking place at Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow, Greater London. Not only will you get a free comprehensive medical examination, carried out under the strict supervision of fully qualified doctors, nurses and other heath professionals, you will be compensated from £100 a day for your time.

Over the past 30 years, PAREXEL has developed significant expertise in Clinical trials. These trials help everyone who has, or may have, a particular illness and is a way of testing potentially helpful treatments.

This is why someone like you is key to the success of medical research, so why not register today?

Our trials are carried out by fully qualified doctors and heath professionals and should you participate you will receive the following benefits....

  • Free comprehensive medical examination
  • Full use of our onsite entertainment

    (Satellite, DVD's, Games console etc)
  • Payment for your time based on a daily rate from £100 per day

Our PAREXEL London Early Phase Clinical Unit is located on the seventh floor of Northwick Park Hospital. With over 50 beds,the unit has been open since 2000.It is staffed around the clock by our highly trained and certified team and features state-of-the-art monitoring technologies, while offering participants a safe and comfortable environment for medical care.

Our unitwill offer you a safe and comfortable environment for medical care, with features including…

  • Volunteer lounge room (with pool table)
  • Dining room
  • Free unlimited Internet access
  • Games consoles
  • DVD library
  • Board games
  • Sky TV (includes movie and sports channels)
  • Newspapers
  • Laundry services provided on longer studies

If you want to be considered for a particular trial, the next step would be to make an appointment at the PAREXEL London Early Phase Clinical Unit. All you will need to bring with you is Identification (e.g. a passport) and your GP contact details. Once there, you will be given information about the trial and as much time as you need to read through. One of the doctors will then take you through the background and purpose of study, giving you a chance to ask any questions you like. We often do this in small groups and find this approach allows you to get the best understanding of what the trial is all about, however it is possible to request that you have some time alone with the doctor as well if you prefer. Once you feel that you have enough information to make the decision to take part, the screening medical will commence. The screening visit will usually include have your heart traced (ECG), your blood pressure measured, blood samples taken (blood tests will include HIV and Hepatitis test). You will have urine tests, which will include a drug screen. During the screening, a doctor will conduct a medical examination and questioned you about your medical history and any medication that you may have used. After the screening visit, we will contact your GP surgery to confirm this and ensure that there is no history of a medical condition that may affect your participation in the study.

If you want to get involved, take the first step towards helping further medical research today by visiting and registering your interest.

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