Benefits of Learning a Language Abroad

Skills in a second language come in handy whether you are on your travels, rambling along the road or proving yourself professionally. Learning a second language also enhances your cognitive skills, it makes you a smarter, quicker and more agile thinker, as well as ironically allowing you gain a deeper understanding of the roots of your own language too; but when it comes to learning a language abroad, the benefits are boundless.

Learn in Context

According to a study published in Studies in Second Language Acquisition, those who choose to study abroad gain a greater spoken fluidity of the their chosen language. By learning a language abroad you will become immersed in intricacies and neighbor the nuances of the language continuously. Not only will you understand how to speak the words, you will gain a true feel for the words and their meanings, socially and culturally. This kind of spoken authenticity can be difficult to duplicate with textbook tuition.

With Frontier’s Guatemala Language Course you will be fully immersed into an intensive language course in the heart of the city of La Antigua, taught by professionals who can tailor the course to suit your personal abilities.

Cultural Understanding
Learning a language abroad introduces you to meet new people and allows you to better communicate with them. Getting to know local people opens a new realm for you to explore the culture of your chosen destination. Local people will help you see the bigger picture of the culture as well as day to day details that make your destination so unique and gives you a real understanding of the essence of a destination, taking you off the beaten path and into the centre of everyday life.

With Frontier’s Spanish Language Course in Honduras you will have the opportunity to perfect your pronunciation and even acquire colloquial phrases. With this trip, you will also have the opportunity to try out new sports and activities where you can try out your brilliant new language skills such as trekking, horse riding and exploring the beautiful Pico Bonito.

Professional Experience

Throw yourself in at the deep end and show employers that you are up to the challenge. Learning a new language abroad shows employers that you can adapt to a new situation. Mental agility, problem solving and communication skills are just a few of the benefits of learning another language. Learning the language abroad marries these skills with knowledge of cultural norms and professional practices of the culture. This combination will allow you, to not only communicate the meaning of the words, but to really get to the heart of professional life in your chosen culture.

Frontier’s Mandarin Language Course takes place in one of China’s most well-known universities, the ideal environment for you to gain perfectly proficient professional language skills.

By Natalie Brand – Online Journalism Intern


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